#47 - Lucille's, Mulhall, OK

Although Stillwater is a relatively small town, there's still quite a few restaurants that I haven't tried yet.  I'm working on doing that, slowly but surely.  About 2 years ago I saw a big billboard for Lucille's, located in Mulhall, which is about a 20-minute drive from Stillwater.  I'd heard stories about how the original location burned down in 2009, and had recently been rebuilt.  We talked about going to eat there occasionally, but just never found the time to take that much extra time for lunch.

Back in March, Dennicia and I decided to go and check it out.  Although we were both well into our healthier eating phase, we were both also craving some good home cooking deliciousness.  So off to Mulhall we went. 

The new location was built right across the street from the original, and looks like an old-time country restaurant.  As you walk in, there's a tower of mouth-watering looking desserts immediately to your left.  We looked at them, and salivated a little, but pushed past them and to our table.  We got there a little before noon, which was perfect because it wasn't that crowded.  We picked a very good time, because within 20 minutes of our arrival, the place was packed with both sit-down and take-out customers.

I was hungry, and had fully decided that my diet was out the window, so everything looked good.  They claim to have a salad bar, which I think was around the corner towards the back of the restaurant because we couldn't see it.  And we saw nobody eating salad.  But honestly, you don't go to this kind of place for a salad.  I decided on the chicken fried chicken sandwich with fries.  Dennicia got the chicken fried steak.  Once I found out that the onion rings were breaded I got a side of that as well.

My sandwich was delicious!!  The chicken was tender and had tons of flavor.  The bun is just your average burger bun, so nothing really special there.  The fries were really good.  Steak fries aren't necessarily my favorite, but they were hot, crisp on the outside, and delicious.  The onion rings were scorching hot and fabulous.  I tried a bite of Dennicia's, and hers was awesome as well.  As you can see it was almost twice the size of my chicken.  I was a little disappointed for a second, but quickly realized that my eyes were just bigger than my stomach, and continued to enjoy my meal.  Next time I would just get the onion rings instead of fries.

We momentarily thought about trying the dessert, but by the time we finished our meal we were so full that we couldn't do it.

Will I go back?  Absolutely!  The service was a little slow, and got quite a bit slower once the big lunch crowd showed up, but that was really the only negative.