#81 - Baker St. Pub - Tulsa, OK

After Shannon & Erin's baby shower, a few of us headed to Baker St. Pub to meet another couple.  It's an Irish pub, located on S. Memorial in Tulsa, not far from Woodland Hills Mall.   During the day it's a restaurant, and at night it turns into a bar.  It's actually a pretty big place, with booths all the way around the perimeter, probably about 15 tables towards the front, and a spacious outdoor patio.  The bar area is really big too, and also has about 8 high-top tables with barstools.  Oh and when you're looking for the bathroom, you have to know what you're looking for.  The hallway for the bathrooms looks like a huge library, with a wall of "books" from floor to ceiling. There's very small "men's" and "women's" signs, but it's pretty easy to get confused, and pretty easy to not even figure out where the door is.  I'm guessing that's their idea of a cruel joke, especially if you have to use the bathroom really badly.  But at that point, nothing is a joke anymore. 

By the time we arrived, it had definitely turned over to the bar scene.  The bouncers were at the door, all the tables were full of drinkers, and they had stopped doing any official seating.  Luckily we found a few seats at the bar.  I will also say that it's GREAT people watching at night.  You wouldn't think that an Irish pub would be a pick-up spot, but it definitely was.   They have live bands almost every night of the week. The band that night was a 90's cover band, and were surprisingly very good.  There's a very small dance floor right in front of the stage, and it was packed.  A few of the patrons looked like they were trying to recapture their 90's hair and outfits, which just added to the entertainment.

I hadn't eaten very much at the shower, so after a while I was pretty hungry.  And thankfully the kitchen was still open.  I knew it was kind of late to eat, but I was very hungry so my stomach won out.  The menu covers about 2 pages...2 really big pages.  I wanted something halfway Irish, and settled on the fish & chips.  Actually what really sold me is that they're listed as "award winning"...
100% ATLANTIC COD is hand dipped in beer batter made fresh daily and fried.
Served with seasoned fries, 
housemade tartar sauce and malt vinegar.
I'm always a little hesitant to order food from the kitchen late, because you really never know what you're going to get.  Will it be fresh?  Will it be hot?  Will it be edible?  This was all that and more!  The fries were hot and crisp, and the cod had been freshly fried and was scorching hot.  I'm not usually a huge beer batter fan, but this one was really delicious, and not too heavy.  I'm not sure exactly what award the fish won, but I'd vote for it!  The tartar sauce was so good. 

Will I go back?  Of course!  I had no idea this place was even there, so it will become a definite part of my food rotation when I'm running errands in this part of Tulsa.  And hopefully I can go back when the weather is nice, and enjoy a pint out on the patio.