My Chef's Hat - Thai Veggie Salad

I have this habit...I normally eat pretty healthy, but when I'm out of town or just hanging out with friends, I fall to temptation very easily.  The past 3 weeks were exactly that.  Early in the week I did really well, but then the weekend I kind of went crazy.  So I'm trying to get back to healthy most of the time.  So the other day I was looking for a healthy salad for lunch.  And I went on Pinterest and found a Thai Veggie Salad.  It looked really fresh and light, and I love peanut sauce.  I didn't have a few of the veggies in the recipe, but I had enough and knew I could make a few substitutions.

Here is the official recipe photo:

And here is my version, with grilled chicken added

Yes, I realize it looks nothing like the official photo.  But mine was in a glass bowl, not on a white plate.  Also, I didn't have red cabbage, dried mango or radishes.  I subbed in yellow peppers, and green cabbage.  So I was missing a lot of color.

The salad was really good.  I went a little heavy-handed with the sriracha, so it had more of a kick than I normally get with peanut sauce.  And it was awesome.  The salad was also completely raw, except of course for the chicken.   I liked the raw, but it took so much work to get through all the crunchy.  I think next time I'm going to sautee the veggies and do it as a warm salad. The veggies will still have a crunch, but not quite so much.  And I think warming the peanut sauce just slightly will deepen the flavor.

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