My Chef's Hat - Green Chickpea & Chicken Coconut Curry

My parents are from Trinidad, so growing up I ate a lot of curry chicken, homemade by my mom. It was always one of my favorite dishes. I actually never learned to cook until I was moving into an apartment my senior year of college. I figured I should learn to make a few things, so we wouldn't live on fast food and gain tons of weight. Curry chicken was one of the first recipes I learned from my mom.

There are so many different kinds of curry that you can buy in the store, or make using a variety of different spices. My mom always used the store-bought kind, so I did the same. It's hard to find good dry curry mixes in Oklahoma, but I have found a couple. 

I've also recently found recipes that use green and red curry. I've never attempted to do my own mix of spices; instead, I just buy the little jars in the Asian section of the grocery store. Yes, it's probably more expensive. But I don't use it enough to justify buying all the spices needed for the mix.

The other day I was on Pinterest, doing my meal plan for the week. My original thought was to make Thai Shrimp Soup, which has quickly become one of my favorites. But before I got to it, I came across a recipe for Green Chickpea & Chicken Coconut Curry.  It looked delicious, so I picked up some green curry at the store, soaked my dry chickpeas, and added it to the list. 

Here is the official recipe picture

And here is my version

What a wonderful dish. Spicy, but also a great depth of flavor. I served mine over basmati rice, to help tone down the spice and also to soak up some of the fantastic broth. The recipe calls for swiss chard, but I never buy that because it's way too tart for me, so I used kale instead. I also didn't have shallots, so I used onions. I'm honestly not sure if it makes much of a difference. And since I never buy shallots, I probably won't ever find out. I always cook with chicken thighs or legs. I think you have to for this recipe; chicken breast would get really overcooked with the smaller pieces and length of cooking. 

I'm a huge fan of this dish, and will definitely be making it again soon.

Recipe Found On The Crepes of Wrath

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