#204 - Saki Sushi, Edmond OK

A couple of weeks ago I went to Dallas for the weekend since we had an away football game and I didn't go to the game. It ended up being a great blog weekend, as we ate at 4 brand new restaurants. My original plan Sunday morning had been to get up early, go running, and head out about 9am.  But when my eyes opened it was already 8am...so running was out. And when when I was just about ready to go I smelled sausage cooking. Of course I wasn't going to pass up a home-cooked breakfast, especially because Joni makes biscuits and homemade gravy to go with that sausage. 

It's about a 3-hour drive from Joni's house to OKC, and after a couple of errand stops in town I was hungry. I hadn't been on restaurant.com for a while, so I got online to see what I could find nearby.

If you've never used restaurant.com, you're missing out. Basically you buy a certificate, spend a specific amount of money, and then get half off the meal. At most restaurants the minimum you have to spend is $20, but at some places it's $10. They add new restaurants all the time. Some of the more popular restaurants run out of certificates early in the month, but then they're full again the next month. My mom bought me a bundle deal of $400 in certificates 3 years ago, and then we bought another one last year. I've found some really good restaurants on the site. Now that I think about it, I haven't been disappointed yet. And I still have about $250 in certificates to use.

After some searching, I came across Saki Sushi. I had never heard of it before, but it gave me the chance to get my sushi fix. It's located in a tiny strip mall in Edmond. As with many restaurants in strip malls, looks can be deceiving. The restaurant is larger than it looks from the outside. They've got a patio out front with about 8 tables. Inside it's one large open space with booths on the left wall, 4-top tables in the middle, and on the right it's really cool tables where you walk up a couple of steps and basically sit inside the floor

I've never seen anything like it before! The regular bar and sushi bar are along the back wall of the place. Since I was a solo diner, I sat at a table so I could watch NFL games on the TV behind the bar.

The menu is pretty big, with both cold and hot appetizers, lots of sushi, wok dishes, bowls, Teriyaki dishes and desserts. With my certificate I had to spend at least $20, so I started with jasmine tea, which came out steaming hot and was really good

Next up was an appetizer, and I went with the Harumi veggie spring roll

These were really good. I was pleasantly surprised that you get 3 rolls for the price. They came out scorching hot and freshly fried, and you can never go wrong with that. The sweet chili sauce on the side was a little different color than I'm accustomed to, but it was thick and rich, and extremely flavorful.

As usual, it took me a while to decide what to get. Raw sushi is out. I just can't with the texture, and more importantly with the thought of eating completely raw food. For a long time I wouldn't do rolls that had any raw fish at all. But I've evolved over the past 2 years, and become more adventurous. 

I finally settled on the Rattlesnake and Kopy Kat
Rattlesnake: shrimp tempura, avocado, crabstick, masago, scallion, wasabi, mayo and spicy mayo
Kopy Kat: spicy tuna, fried jalapeno, cream cheese, masago, tuna, crab salad

I really liked the Rattlesnake. The contrast in textures of all the different elements worked so well together, and the roll had excellent flavor. The Kopy Kat had good flavor as well, but I didn't care for the combination of raw tuna and cream cheese. It was just a little too much for me. Had the tuna been seared, it would have been fantastic. I eventually took the tuna off and at the rest of the roll separately.

Will I go back? No question. And I want to go with at least one other person so I can sit at the cool tables.