My Chef's Hat - Parmesan roasted potatoes

I've talked on here before about my love of potatoes.  I can really eat them about any way possible, but probably my favorite is french, crisp and fresh out of the oil.  I could eat them every single day, but that wouldn't be good for my waistline.  I try to only cook them at home about once every 2 weeks, and the good thing is there are about a million ways to prepare them so that makes it easy to have lots of variety. 

I actually hadn't made potatoes in about 3 weeks, but was craving them the other day so I bought one.  I had also run across a recipe for Parmesan roasted potatoes

Here's the official recipe photo:

And here is my version

These were awesome!  There were really only 2 spices so it wasn't too hot at all.  I added a little more than the recipe called for, and it definitely gave them more of a kick, but it was delicious.  The potatoes were supposed to be golden & crispy.  They only got slightly golden, but hardly crispy at all.  But that was all operator error.  The bowl I used wasn't big enough so the potatoes were basically piled in there, so they steamed more than roasted and the only pieces that got crispy were the ones on the edge of the bowl.  I happened to go to TJ Maxx today, and found a Le Creuset baking dish that will be the perfect size to allow the potatoes to roast properly, and therefore get that delicious crispiness.

Will I make this again?  What do you think I got the baking dish for?!

Recipe found on What's Gaby Cooking