Repeats with a Twist - Louie's, Stillwater

I know I've already done Louie's as a repeat, but I had a new item on the menu and it's worthy of another post.  In reality, when a repeat is worth it, I'm all over it!

The bowl game was way too early on New Year's Day...11am to be exact.  Even though work didn't pay for us to stay in Dallas the night of the game, I had already planned to stay because there was absolutely no need to rush back.  And besides, that day was more than long enough.  After a long night ringing in the new year, having to be at the stadium at 8, a freezing cold game, and drinks and a meal afterwards with Bob, his parents, Joni & Toni, I was exhausted and went to sleep early that evening. 

So my parents and I drove back to Stillwater the next day. Even with that extra night of sleep, I was still exhausted on the drive home and it was all I could do to get home and take a nap.  Unfortunately, I didn't have long to sleep because we had a home women's basketball game that night.  So I took a quick power nap, showered to revive myself, and off we went to Gallagher.  We didn't have time to eat dinner before I had to be at work, so by the time the game ended we were starving.  So off to Louie's we went.

Louie's wasn't very crowded when we arrived.  I don't like sitting near the door in the winter because you get a chill every time the door opens.  There were a couple of empty tables towards the back, and I soon found out why...there was a table of very loud, very drunk people near the back.  Yes, I know I've been "that table" before, but when that happens we're in a loud crowded bar...not on a quiet evening when all the other patrons are just trying to enjoy a meal and/or a drink.

The Louie's menu has gotten really fancy recently.  They've changed the look of the menu, and also added a few new dishes.  I have to admit I'm very sad they took the salmon off the menu, because that was one of my favorites.  But that's okay, because there's still a lot of other menu items that I really enjoy.  Their new Hawaiian Chicken sandwich caught my eye
A lightly blackened chicken breast topped with grilled pineapple, ham,
Swiss cheese & chipotle honey mustard. Served on a toasted bun

This sandwich is awesome!  They overdid it on the honey mustard, and it was very overpowering.  Next time I would ask for it on the side, or just ask them to put a lot less.  But that was the only negative.  The grilled pineapple adds so much great flavor.  It kind of reminds me of the fowl thing at Joe's.