#87 - The Mule, Oklahoma City, OK

A few weeks ago I was in Oklahoma City running errands.  I've decided that whenever I go to OKC in the future I'm going to eat somewhere new.  Even though that was the whole plan when I started this blog, I was still stuck in the same old restaurants rut in OKC.  No more.  I had heard good things about The Mule, and since I was going to be in that area anyways, decided to try it out.

It's located in the Plaza district, technically in Midtown.  I had never been to that district before, but it's a cute little area with shops and restaurants.  The down side is the parking.  The streets are narrow,  and people are parked everywhere.  I was there on a Saturday, so I'm thinking that it might not be as bad on a weekday.

It's a small place, with about 25 tables inside plus an outdoor patio. The building is very industrial looking with metal on the outside, but it adds to the charm.  It was too hot to sit outside plus the patio was full, and the only other available table was right next to the door.  I hate sitting at those tables, so I took a seat at the bar.  Normally I don't mind sitting at the bar, but on that day it turned out to be a big mistake.  I sat one stool down from 2 women, and after about 10 minutes 2 male friends of theirs showed up.  The guys were really drunk, and all 4 of them were really loud.  And they kept drinking.  Yes, I realize I was sitting at the bar. But it was 1:30 in the afternoon...a little early for all that.  I could tell the other people sitting at the bar weren't too fired up about it either. 

There's 2 huge TV's behind the bar, and a wall of drinks.  They've also got a big chalkboard behind the bar and you can name your own drink.

They offer lots of different beers and unique cocktails.  Most of the beers are served in cans and they pour them into a glass for you.  They've only got 8 beers on tap.  There's several drinks with ginger beer, but I've never been a fan of it so I passed on those.  Decided to try an Avery White Rascal, a Belgian wheat beer, on the advice of the bartender.  It was really tasty and pretty light.

The Mule's specialties are different types of grilled cheese.  They've also got salads and a few desserts.  I thought about starting with the fried cheese curds, but I saw someone else had ordered them and it was a lot.  And I didn't want to ruin my lunch.

I got the FYDH with fries.
Sourdough, avocado, goat cheese, pepperoncino, bacon, spicy aioli,egg.  Added lettuce & tomato
The sandwich was so delicious!  The goat cheese was really good and creamy, and the egg was a perfect over medium.  The pepperoncino and spicy aioli definitely added a good kick.  The fries were fresh, hot & delicious. 

Will I go back?  No doubt.  It's really a fun place, and there were several other sandwiches I was choosing from so I want to go back and try them.  And next time no sitting at the bar.