#88 - Kaji Sushi & Grill - Lewisville, TX

Last month I was headed to Houston for the caravan.  I traveled on my own this time, as Mary was out of town and couldn't go with me.  I usually stop in Dallas for lunch when I'm going all the way to Houston, because it's a good midway stopping point.  And I like driving all the way down in one day, because then I can relax the next morning and don't have to get up and finish the trip on the day of the caravan.

I had gone onto TripAdvisor to find someplace not too far off the highway, and a location near Lewisville/Flower Mound, since I knew I'd be hungry around then.  I came across Kaji Sushi & Grill, which was rated one of the top restaurants in the area.  I hadn't had sushi in a while, so I decided to try it out.

Coach Meacham always refers to Lewisville as "the hood".  I've been on the 'hood side, but I've also been on the very nice side.  Kaji Sushi is kind of in the middle, in a strip mall.  It looks very non-descript, but the parking lot was crowded enough that I had to park in the back, and again it was one of the top rated restaurants.  The interior isn't fancy, but it's very comfortable.  Even though I was there well after lunch there were still quite a few people there. 

This is an all-you-can-eat restaurant, which when you hear sushi might seem a little creepy.  I mean, the last thing you want is sushi that's been sitting around for a long time.  But I went to a sushi buffet in Vegas and it was awesome.  And even the Chinese buffet here in town has sushi, and it's really good as well.  It's all about turnover.  And when it's good and fresh, it will turn over really fast.  

What I really like about Kaji is that you order from a list and they bring it to you.  The "buffet" costs $13.99 per person, and they charge you $1 per piece for wasted food.  What a fantastic idea.  The waste that goes on at regular restaurants is bad enough.  But the waste at buffets is absolutely ridiculous.  I wish more places would go to this policy.

They also offer an a la carte menu, but I was craving sushi so I went with it. The guys at the table next to me both ordered off the regular menu, and their dishes were served in mini woks.  Love that.  Their food came out steaming hot, and I heard one tell his friend after just one bite, "man this freaking good".  

I started with a salad.  

The "dressing" was pureed veggies mixed with ginger. Yes, it looks like baby food.  Yes, it has a baby food consistency.  I do wish they had added a little something to add a more dressing consistency.  But, I have to admit I like any concept that adds flavor and moisture without extra calories.

I had a really hard time deciding.  So much looked good, but I didn't want to get too much and have to pay extra.  And most of the rolls come in sets of 4-6 pieces.  So I had to be careful.  I finally decided, with the help of the manager, on the shrimp tempura and Kaji rolls.

The shrimp tempura was good.  Your typical, standard shrimp tempura.  The Kaji roll was awesome.  It has the same kind of flavors as California roll.  I can't remember exactly what's in it though.  It was deep fried, so I was initially hesitant to order it, but the manager said it's one of the most popular.  I'm so glad I listened to her.  It's served warm, and I seriously wanted another 2 orders.

I was still hungry so I tried the Thai Garlic Beef.  

I love that it comes in such a small portion size, and without rice, on the all-you-can-eat menu.  It came out steaming hot, was absolutely delicious, and not very garlicky at all. They've got some other "menu" items like that.  

My last choice was a spring roll.

Small, freshly fried, not greasy at all.  Perfect as either an appetizer or to end the meal. 

I momentarily thought about getting some ice cream, but I think that would have put me over the edge.  So I decided to leave well enough alone, and call it a day.  I did make sure to tell the manager I had found them on TripAdvisor, and she really appreciated that.  

Will I go back?  No question!  I definitely want the Kaji Roll again, and would like to try some of the other menu items.