My Chef's Hat - BLT Chopped Salad with Corn, Feta & Avocado

One day a few months ago I had some stuff in the fridge I needed to use up...avocado, corn, tomatoes. And I had recently bought some lettuce. I usually don't make salads, but I was looking for something on the light side.  Pinterest came to the rescue with BLT chopped salad with corn, feta & avocado.  I really like BLT sandwiches, but don't think I've ever made one.  Usually when I make anything with bacon I keep it to 2 pieces, to be kinda sorta healthier.  Any good BLT is going to require at least 6 pieces.  But with this recipe, bacon is just a highlight, while other ingredients play a much larger role.

This is one of those recipes I've made a few times already, but am just finally getting around to posting about it...because when I made it last night I realized I hadn't done that yet. First I made it exactly as written.  Then I added black beans for some bulk. Then I took out the black beans because it was a little too much bulk.  Once I used iceberg lettuce because that was all I had.  And last night I had already taken out salmon to thaw, so I grilled it and threw it on there.  

Here is the official picture

And here is my version

I'm actually very surprised there's no onion in the recipe.  So I added some chopped red onion from almost the beginning.  The recipe calls for butter lettuce, but that's too expensive, so I just use romaine.  For the salmon I just season it with McCormick steak seasoning and grill.  So simple and so delicious.  

The recipe calls for plain corn.  But that's boring.  So after I cook the bacon, I pour out all the excess oil and then sautee the corn in the pan until it soaks up the flavor.  I might add the onion in there next time, just to add a little depth of flavor to that as well. 

The dressing is very light, just olive oil, salt & pepper, and lime juice.  I added a little honey this time, and as soon as I did I realized this recipe doesn't call for it.  But you know, it added a wonderful flavor.  It just enhanced everything else in the dish.  I really liked it.

Of course I'm going to make this again.  

Recipe found on How Sweet It Is

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