My Chef's Hat - Egg Roll Stir Fry

Its January, the time when everyone starts their new year's resolutions to lose weight, get fit, etc.  Actually, now that it's almost the end of January, a lot of people have already abandoned their resolutions. Which I really don't least give it 30 days before you quit.  Since I started doing half marathons a couple years ago I'm pretty consistent until August when my life explodes getting ready for football. Last year I actually made it through Thanksgiving. And I could tell when I started back a few weeks ago that I wasn't as far behind as I normally am. My mission this year is to make it through the whole year. November and December are the hardest for me... its dreary, cold, and the holidays all wrapped into one. But I'm determined. 

I've been trying to find more recipes with cabbage. Its filling, very low calorie, and easily absorbs whatever flavors you add to it. I've got 2 go-to recipes, but need a few more. The other day I came across egg roll stir-fry. I love egg rolls, but they're deep fried and therefore not really good for you. And I love to make stir fry. And I'm giving platelets next week so I need to eat more red meat to get my iron up. So this was a perfect combination.

Here is the recipe photo

And here is my version

This was really delicious. And it tasted just like the inside of an egg roll. But a lot healthier because it wasn't deep fried, required very little oil, and is surprisingly low calorie. I use 93/7 beef so that cuts way down on fat and calories. I know most egg rolls are pork, but it worked great with the beef. I used a little too much rice vinegar, but added a teaspoon of Splenda, and that took care of that.I had been to the Asian market in OKC on Monday and bought a bunch of baby bok Choy... perfect timing, since the recipe calls for optional bok choy.  Another filling, low calorie veggie.  The recipe called for cutting the cabbage with a seated knife so it would be shredded. I forgot that step, them realized my serrated knife is still at Bob's house. But it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.

This dish is now definitely part of my regular rotation.

Recipe found on Once a Mom, Always a Cook