#128 - Tucker's Onion Burgers, Oklahoma City, OK

Last Tuesday I was in OKC, and my plan was to eat lunch between appointments at a sushi place I had a restaurant.com certificate for. But I got sidetracked after the first one, and knew I wouldn't have time to eat and get downtown in time. So the plan shifted to eating after. As I walked out of the 2nd meeting I considered eating at the restaurant in the building, as it was one I had been wanting to try. But I was determined to use the certificate... drove across town... and the sushi place was closed for 3 days for Chinese New Year. I had lots of choice words, and was absolutely starving. So how do you cure that? With a burger of course!

Tucker's Onion Burgers has 3 locations, and I went to the one in Classen Curve. I had honestly never even heard of an onion burger until I moved to Oklahoma. And the only place here I've ever had them was Coney Island on the strip on Stillwater.  Classen Curve is an upscale area, located very close to Chesapeake Energy and Nicholls Hills, one of the most exclusive zip codes in the state. So I love that they put a seriously casual restaurant right in its midst. The inside looks a lot like a 50's diner, with 10 large booths that can easily fit 6 in each, some regular tables in the back, and a long bar along the window with barstools.  This place would be great after-bar, greasy food spot.

You order at the counter, and everything is a la carte and made fresh to order.  I'm a huge fan of the fresh to order in faster food restaurants. That way you know your food hasn't been sitting around forever. That's even more critical in my situation, when I didn't get there until about 2:30pm. I love that they put your order on the bag the food comes in. 

Yes, my name is spelled wrong. But having to spell it for them, and then them butchering it to call my order, isn't worth the hassle.

I also got a loyalty card, because the cashier gave it to me. But considering you have to get 100 points to get a reward, and you only get 1 point per $1, the chances of me reaching that are much closer to none than slim.

I got the single and fries. Cheese? Sure, why not.  I wasn't so sure about the grilled jalapeños, but decided to be adventurous... but did tell them to go light. I passed on the milkshake, since I didn't need quite that much of a cure.

What is an onion burger you ask? Its where they press/smash the grilled onions onto the patty as it cooks, so the beef absorbs more of the flavor. When you just add it at the end, the flavors don't have time to really mesh.

The burger was awesome. Juicy, cooked perfectly, and very flavorful. I love grilled onions on a burger. Grilling them adds so much flavor, and you're not stuck with onion breath afterwards.  well, with an onion burger you kind of are, because they use a ton. But that's okay, and its well worth it.  Honestly, I could have done however many jalapeños they normally put on there. I didn't taste much spice at all. The cashier had warned me it was pretty hot, but I guess they tell everyone that, just to be safe. I had momentarily thought about getting the double burger, and really glad I didn't. First of all, that would have been stupid and gluttonous.  And the single was more than enough, especially with all the fries. Some of the fries were a little overdone, but they were still really delicious and I devoured them all.

As I was finishing my meal, a group of about 20 girls, all between 12-15, walked in. Thankfully they had 3 adult chaperones with them, but it was still very loud chaos. I cleared out as fast as I could, and felt really bad for the 2 other tables that had ordered about 5 minutes earlier and were stuck.

Will I go back? No question. No cheese, regular serving of jalapeños, and mustard instead of mayo.  And next time I'm definitely trying a milkshake, and going to the original location for some "authentic" atmosphere.