#129 - Shawn's Sushi, Oklahoma City, OK

I had a restaurant.com certificate for Shawn's Sushi. The first time I tried to go about a month ago, it was closed for Chinese New Year. I guess I'd never tried to eat at an Asian restaurant during their new year, because this was the first time I had ever run into that. Lesson learned. And then 2 weeks ago I was back in OKC, and on a mission to eat there. We had snow the day before, but the sun and warmer weather had melted everything on the street. I pulled in about 11:30AM, hungry and ready to eat. Only to find out they weren't opening until 1PM. Once again, thoroughly annoyed. But I was absolutely determined to eat there, so I went and met with a donor, and then went back.

The restaurant is in a strip mall, not far from Penn Square Mall. There's tons of little strip malls all along NW Expressway, and if you're not paying attention you'll easily miss what you're looking for. Its a pretty small place, with seating for about 30. Definitely a very casual restaurant, no frills at all. When I arrived there was only one other lady there picking up carry out. But I also got there right when they opened  By the time I was eating there were a few other tables there. I'm not usually a fan of miso soup, but I had to spend $20 to use the certificate and they didn't have wonton soup so I went with it. And besides, I figured some hot soup would help soothe my sore throat.

The soup was okay, and did have good flavor, but was very salty. I added a little soy sauce, but that just made it saltier. I ate it, but wouldn't order it again there. I wish they would offer egg drop or wonton soup as other options.

For the sushi I went with the spicy calamari roll and the spicy cowboy roll.
Spicy Cowboy Tempura Shrimp, Crabmeat, Spicy Sauce,  Avocado, Japanese Mayo, 
Tempura Flakes & Eel Sauce
Spicy Calamari - Fried Squid, Masago, Spicy Sauce & Green Onion
Both of the rolls were really delicious! Did I need 2 that were fried? Well probably not, but I couldn't help myself. I would have to say I preferred the spicy calamari, but just slightly. They both had a lot of flavor and the spicy sauce lent just a hint of heat, but not overpowering at all.

The only other negative was the service, that was pretty slow. The server was very friendly and apologetic about the wait for her first coming to my table and the wait on the soup. Neither was her fault, because the lady picking up carry out was taking forever with figuring out payment. And the server clearly wasn't making the food. I was reading my book so it wasn't a huge deal, but I was really hungry.

Will I go back? Yes. The staff was very friendly, the food was good, and they have a wide variety of rolls and a few that I definitely want to try.