My Chef's Hat: Sesame Ginger Sweet Teriyaki Salmon with Garlic Quinoa Stir-fry

A couple weeks ago I knew I wanted salmon, and had a couple recipe ideas in mind, but couldn't decide which one.  I've made a bunch, but also have many others on Pinterest that I've saved to my recipes file, but hadn't tried yet.  On Sunday mornings I usually sit down and plan out my meals for the upcoming week.  I can figure out what new recipes to try, and it also helps me to know what I need to get at the grocery store. 

Sometimes I go onto Pinterest to print out the recipe and something else catches my eye instead, and it always looks better than the original recipe I was planning to make.  And other times I'm just not feeling what I was originally going to I get back onto Pinterest to find something better. 

I found a cute Pinterst project to create a recipe book.  I need to sit down and make the book, and maybe it will help me not be so wishy-washy. I do all the recipes I've pinned, or just the ones I've made and liked?  Decisions, decisions.

So, back to my recipe.  I had decided to make one type of salmon for dinner, and just happened to be on Pinterest to look at other stuff...lo and behold, I came across Sesame ginger sweet teriyaki salmon with garlic quinoa stir fry.  I had already planned to make quinoa either that night or the next day, and when I came across this recipe I figured it was the best of both worlds...and it looked really awesome.

Here's the recipe picture:

And here's my version:

I also made it with shrimp:

This was uh-mazing!!  Clearly my sauce didn't turn out nearly as deliciously dark and glaze-like as the recipe picture.  I used regular teriyaki sauce, as the recipe called for, but I think she might have used a teriyaki glaze to get that color.  But honestly, it was absolutley delicious so I really couldn't complain. 

I also had a problem getting the veggies as nice and charred as hers.  I always worry about burning the garlic under a high heat--trust me, it stinks, and then the whole dish tastes awful--but the unfortunate compromise was uncharred veggies.  But just like the salmon, the veggies tasted awesome.  Maybe next time I'll cook the veggies on a super high heat to get them charred, and then scale back the heat and add the garlic and ginger. 

Will I make this again?  I already have!!  And next time I go shopping I'm buying a bottle of the teriyaki glaze so I can try it with that. 

Recipe found on Ambitious Kitchen