My Chef's Hat - Turkey Burger with Broccoli Slaw

When it comes to turkey, I'm the same as I am with chicken...definitely a dark meat girl.  As far as I'm concerned, white meat turkey is even more dry than white meat chicken, and that's not a good thing.  When I was a kid my parents and I went to a family friend's home for an annual Thanksgiving dinner.  In addition to the tons and tons of side dishes and desserts and the obligatory turkey, there were always extra turkey legs, and that was fantastic.

Fast forward a bunch of years, and I started getting into ground turkey.  Even though it's white meat, I can add enough moisture and herbs and other stuff to make it very tasty.  I've got a couple of go-to recipes that use ground turkey that I really like.  A regular burger is one of my favorite things in the world, but let's face it, it's usually pretty unhealthy.  So about a year ago I started buying frozen turkey burgers and cooking those on the grill.  They're delicious and pretty healthy, but about a month ago I figured...there's no reason I can't make these from scratch.  That way I'll know exactly what goes in them, and it will be less expensive.

Fast forward again to today, when I had found a pretty basic recipe for a turkey burger.  When I make burgers at home I'll usually match it with tater tots or sweet potato fries.  They're both healthier than regular fries, mainly because I bake them in the oven actually only make one serving rather than the restaurant version of a serving.  But in this instance, I decided to go with a broccoli slaw instead. 

And here's my version:

The turkey burger has so much flavor!  The recipe calls for parsley (or any herbs of your choice); I didn't have parsley so I used cilantro instead.  In reality you could probably do a mixture of different herbs and get a little different flavor each time.  I was out of spinach (what I usually use with a turkey burger) so I went with romaine lettuce.  I also threw a couple of mushrooms on the grill while the burger cooked, and then also added avocado, goat cheese, and mustard.  I would also usually add grilled onions, but they're already part of the burger patty.  Next time I'm gonna grill the onions first, and then add them to the patty mixture. 

The broccoli slaw was delicious too....very filling and very light.  My bagged slaw came with broccoli, carrots and radishes.  I was out of cucumbers, and forgot to add chopped celery.  I've never actually used celery salt so I'm not sure what it would have done to the flavor.  And I hate buying a whole container of a seasoning to just use it once or twice, so clearly it wasn't part of the final product.  The dressing was good, but I think I made too much.  So next time I definitely need to cut back.  The bag of slaw said that 1.25 cups was a serving.  I only did 1 cup, and that was tons of slaw.  But that's okay because it was delicious. 

Will I make these again?  No doubt.  I think the broccoli slaw would go well with so many different types of sandwiches.  And I'm looking forward to experimenting with different herbs for the turkey burger.

Turkey burger recipe found on Use Real Butter

Broccoli slaw recipe found on Citronlimette