#46 - Asahi Teppanyaki & Sushi - Flower Mound, TX

Well, I clearly failed miserably on my last attempt to post on my blog more often...the last post was 2 weeks ago.  But I guess that's better, since before that it was 3 weeks between posts.  But still pretty pathetic.  And I've been eating my way through everywhere, which again means just that much more to write about.  Lately this blog is almost like a soap opera...come back 3 weeks later, and it's still only the next day...

So I'm still on my last Dallas trip, and it's still Friday.  After that huge lunch at Perry's, you wouldn't think it would be possible to eat again.  But then that would mean you obviously don't know me very well.  I was in the mood for sushi, so we decided to go to Asahi Teppanyaki & Sushi, a favorite of Joni & Tony's.  It's a pretty good-sized restaurant, with a bar area, regular dining, and a hibachi section.  It was quite crowed when we arrived, and we wanted to watch the NCAA tournament games, so we sat in the bar area. 

The first down side is that we didn't get to watch any games.  Some guy insisted on watching an NBA game that was a complete blowout.  And then another guy was watching the golf channel.  Who watches any of that when March Madness is going on??  Especially the first weekend, when most of the big upsets happened.  And a little later, when we asked the bartender to change the channel, he said he couldn't because someone had requested the NBA game.  And he didn't budge, even when we pointed out that that guy had left 15 minutes earlier.

The second, and more glaring downside, were the kids that thought the restaurant was their playground.  There were 4 little kids, no older than about 7, who were playing hide-and-seek, yelling across the restaurant to find each other, running between the tables, and leaning over into the little pond that's by the front door.  And of course, no adult supervision was anywhere in sight.  I have to admit, I was more than a little tempted to dump the kids into the pond.  If I had been the restaurant owner I would have done something about it.  You could tell she and the other staff were annoyed, but for whatever reason just let it go.  Finally, at least 20 minutes later, the adults in the group decided it was time to go, and didn't seem the slightest bit concerned about the kids' behavior.  Sadly, they probably told the kids to go play since they were done eating.  And if one of the kids had gotten hurt, they would have been trying to blame the restaurant.  I don't know about you, but my parents would have beaten my butt in front of everyone in the restaurant had I been acting like that.  But then again, I wouldn't have acted like that because I was raised right.

Okay, enough about the bad.  Tony was really excited that they had Hamachi Kama on the menu as an appetizer.  If you're like me, you ask what the heck is that???!  It's the neck of a young yellowtail, the part that most sushi chefs never serve and eat themselves, and apparently is the best part of the whole fish. 

Joni was having none of it.  I, on the other hand, decided to be a little adventurous and try it out.  It was pretty good!  I don't think I would ever order it, because I would never remember the name!  I actually just had to text Tony to ask.

For my meal I went with sushi. 

It's been so long since we were there I can't begin to tell you which rolls I got...yet another reason I need to post much faster!  But they were delicious.  And they certainly don't skimp on the rolls, so I was very well satisfied.

Will I go back?  I really want to.  It had a great atmosphere, the food was delicious, and the owner was very friendly.  I just hope those little brats aren't there again, or I will have to dump them in the pond.