Repeats with a Twist - BJ's Restaurant, Norman, OK

On the drive between Dallas and Stillwater, the only places where you can find a sit-down restaurant not too far off the highway are Edmond, Norman, Ardmore and Denton.  It's only about a 4-hour drive so it all depends on what time I leave on if I'll stop for lunch.  Tony always cooks us breakfast on Saturday & Sunday mornings when I'm in Dallas, but by the time I hit Norman I'm usually hungry again.  My first thought was to eat at Cheddar's, which is one of my favorite places.  But the GPS sent me to a not-so-nice neighborhood.  And then I got annoyed because I was starving.  So off to BJ's I went.

BJ's Restaurant is another one of my favorites.  They have a big menu, but I've got a few standby items that I always get and they're always good.  For some reason, every time I stop to eat in Norman I'm wearing orange.  It's not on purpose, because I'm definitely not one of those people who purposely wear OSU gear in OU country.  It just kinda happens.  I'm always afraid they're gonna spit in my food...but so far so good...I think.

They've recently come out with an Enlightened menu, full of items under 650 calories.  After all the food and drinks I had over the weekend, I figured this was probably a smart move.  Especially considering none of my standard go-to items are anywhere near that calorie count.  My waiter suggested the Hawaiian Mahi Mahi, so I went with it
Oven roasted, glazed mahi-mahi served over stir-fried vegetables and roasted pineapple fried rice mixed with a spicy soy ginger sauce then topped with slivered snow peas, red bell peppers and sesame seeds.
This was so delicious!  The fish was a little over cooked, but I was hungry and it probably only stayed a minute too long in the oven so I was okay with it.  The pineapple fried rice was phenomenal.  Roasting the pineapple added amazing flavor.  The only down side is that it was a little oily for my taste.  Maybe they needed more oil to reach the 650 calorie mark.  In the menu picture it looks like a lot more food than what you actually get.  However, my portion was perfect.  It left room for dessert, if I had wanted it.  But I decided to be good and just get back on the road to head home.