Repeats with a Twist - Anamia's, Flower Mound, TX

Let's be honest...Anamia's is one of my favorite restaurants, hands down.  Everything is always fresh, the drinks are strong, and the atmosphere is awesome.  Joni & Tony's daughter was in town that weekend, so we decided to go there for lunch so we could both get our fix.

Of course I started with a skinny margarita, and we also got the tableside guacamole.  Both are pretty much required on any trip to Anamia's.  Like I said before, the drinks are very strong, and the skinny margarita is made with real lime juice.  And that makes a huge difference, as opposed to the fake stuff. 

I was tempted to get the brisket tacos again because they were so fantastic.  But in the spirit of food blog research, I went with the fish tacos.
Three flour tortillas filled with grilled Tilapia and topped with cilantro cabbage slaw and jalapeño créma. Served with bean soup and rice

These were really delicious!  Not as good as the brisket tacos, but I still highly recommend them.  I liked that the fish was grilled and not fried.  The slaw very refreshing, and the jalapeno crema was so good.  After eating all the guac and chips I only ate one of the tortillas, but definitely did eat the fillings of all 3.  I also so love the bean soup.  I'm sure they make tons of it every day, and it's always super delicious.

I swear I only get dessert when I'm with Joni...we decided to try the Coconut La Palapa.  
Homemade coconut ice cream with a splash of Kahlua
And because we just have to be special, Joni ordered 2 additional shots of Kahlua.  The shots were a lot bigger than we were expecting, and in hindsight we should have just gotten one.  But wow, that dessert was fantastic!  the ice cream was very creamy, and the coconut was more of a flavor instead of flakes.  But that worked for both of us.  The Kahlua added an amazing depth of flavor to the dessert.  I tried a little bit of the crust bowl that it came in, but by that point I was super full...and still needed to finish my shot of Kahlua.