#182 - Wicked Waffle, Washington DC

When I was a kid, we went to downtown DC all the time. Every time we had friends or family from out of town, DC it was.  I swear I went to the Air & Space Museum about 50 times by the time I was a teenager. But its funny…when you live in or near a tourist area, you rarely go otherwise. Who wants to deal with throngs of tourists? And because all of the attractions in DC are free, I feel like it's worse and more crowded than other cities. 9/11 changed security measures all throughout the country, but thankfully it hasn't had a major impact on DC tourism. You can still easily go to every museum, but just have to pass through a metal detector. And everything on the National Mall is still free. I can’t imagine working in downtown DC. Every day in the spring and summer you’re competing with thousands of visitors, many of whom have no idea where they're going or what they're doing.

When Kara brought her kids in April we hit a few of the hot spots. I will never make that mistake again. Every school group in the world was there. It was absolutely brutal. Best birth control ever. It’s still super crowded in the summer, but it’s just families so it's not quite as bad.

Of course we needed food to start our day. Kara had come across Wicked Waffle on Facebook a couple months earlier. I had never heard of it, so I checked it out online and it looked pretty good.  And then I saw it in the food court at Montgomery Mall. When I sent Kara a picture, she was skeptical because it was at a food court. But I assured her that she shouldn't judge a restaurant simply because of that. And then I sent her a picture of my amazing lobster roll from Lobster Me...from the same food court.

On the morning of our excursion, my mom dropped us off at Silver Spring metro station. The train (metro) is the way so many residents and tourists travel around DC/Maryland/Virginia. It's clean, convenient, and super user friendly. The one down side is that they jack up the prices during rush hour, and their rush hour hours are really long. But it still beats driving, fighting traffic, and trying to find a place to park. There are actually 3 metro stops within easy walking distance of the restaurant.

I'm sure rent prices for shops & restaurants in that area are insane. So Wicked Waffle is a very small place. There's no seating inside, but there are a few tables out on the sidewalk.

I also fell in love immediately, at this sight

I love Nutella. And they've got these huge jars of Nutella everywhere. I was kind of tempted to grab one and run. But it wasn't worth getting arrested over that.

The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch, and they've got savory sandwiches, sweet topped waffles, and a few sides. I love that they use the waffle iron inserts for the coffee drainer

Since it was breakfast we both decided on sweet. Kara got the strawberry cheesecake, and I got the Nutella (of course)

Oh my. The waffles were incredibly light. I have no idea how they do that, but it was amazing. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. You could easily eat double, and not even be full. The day before I was disappointed that there wasn't enough Nutella on the pop tart from Iron Rooster. Wicked Waffle makes up for it and more. Never thought I would say this, but it was almost too much. Almost. I didn't try Kara's, but she raved about hers as well.

As we were ordering, I looked back out the window and saw that this place is right next door to The Bottom Line.  We spent many nights there back in college and beyond.  It's one of my favorite bars downtown. I think the last time were there was for Kara's bachelorette party. Basically a big deja vu. Wicked Waffle should seriously consider opening late night on weekends. They would kill it with the after-bar crowd. 

Will I go back? No question! I'd like to go for lunch and try one of the sandwiches. Or maybe back for a breakfast sandwich. Or both.