My Chef's Hat - Potato Hash with Bell Peppers & Onions

When I was a kid, my parents did all the cooking. I can't remember when I started, but I was probably in middle school. And even then it basically consisted of eggs, chocolate chip cookies, and the occasional spaghetti. So needless to say I didn't help out in the kitchen too often. When I moved into an apartment with Kara right after college, I knew it was time to learn to cook, or weigh 500lbs from eating out all the time. So I watched my mom and helped her a few times to get the hang of things.  I had a few go-to recipes, but that was about it. When I moved out on my own I found a few more, but I was still rotating the same recipes over and over again.

A couple years ago I discovered Pinterest.  I hesitated at first, because I had heard it was addicting.  And then I gave in and joined. For the first week I spent HOURS on there. Every time you log back in, there's hundreds of new items to search through. It's insane, kind of like a cult. Sometimes you want out, and then it sucks you right back in. And even when I go in to find a recipe to make, I'll end up pinning another 25 new ones.

I've currently got over 1,200 recipes that I've pinned and want to make. And another 130+ that I've found and made. About 2 years ago I started a goal of making one brand new recipe every week. Some weeks I'm really good, other weeks I'm okay. And then there's times I go a month at a time without a new recipe. There's really no excuse for that. The other day I began a new mission of one brand new recipe per week; and then one that I've made but haven't posted on the blog.

That's where the recipe for Potato Hash with Bell Peppers & Onions came in. I first came across this recipe on The Pioneer Woman, and have made it a bunch of times. I made it for my dad while he was here a couple weeks ago, and he really enjoyed it. Then the other day I found a slightly different version The Comfort of Cooking. So, in the spirit of the food blog, I made that one.

Here is the official recipe photo

And here is my version

I love this dish. It's so flavorful and filling, and a perfect one-pot side. This recipe calls for fresh minced garlic to be added in for the last couple minutes of cooking. I had never done that before, and I was worried that it might be too strong. It does add a slight bite, but mainly it just adds really good flavor. The parmesan is good, but I think it would be okay without it. The recipe only calls for red pepper, but I added red, orange, yellow and green because I had them all. And I love how they add such a great pop of color. The recipe also calls for butter to be added in with the oil at the beginning when you cook the potatoes. I started with just Pam, and when I remembered the butter I added just a little Smart Balance about 5 minutes before the garlic. It still did the trick. I also eventually added just a very small amount of oil to prevent the potatoes from sticking. I've made the mistake in the past of not giving myself enough time to cook the potatoes, and then I end up burning them. But this time I cooked them perfectly.  A few pieces look a little burnt in the picture, but I kept the skin on so that's just how dark it got.

I'm definitely keeping this version in my "must make" folder, and will be making it more often.

Recipe found on The Comfort of Cooking 

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