#30 - George's, Waco, TX

I made my first trip to Waco, TX over the weekend for the Baylor football game.  The game didn't turn out well, and the hotel leaves a lot to be desired, but overall I had a great time with friends.  Friday night we went to George's for dinner and a few beverages.  It's one of those hole-in-the-wall places that a lot of people--me included--would just drive by if we didn't know about it.  But it was only about a mile from the team hotel and I had heard great things, so we decided to give it a shot. 

We got there just after 7, and it was packed...very good sign.  A couple friends were already there, and there were a few fried mushrooms left from their order.  I tried one, and proceeded to eat the rest of them.  They were absolutely awesome.  Not sure what it was that made them so good, but I could have eaten another whole basket. 

George's is known for their Big "O" schooner...18-ounce beers served in big goblets.  I'm not really a big beer drinker, but just about everyone in the whole place was drinking them, so I didn't want to seem out of place.  After a while the waitress came over and brought a Dos-a-Rita that had been made at the bar but not claimed.  I took the opportunity to try something different, and was very happy that I did.  Even though the ice had melted some, the drink was really good and really strong.

George's has won lots of "Best of Waco" awards, and their onion rings were one of them.  So we got an order.  They were beer battered, which are not my favorite, but they were also thin-cut, and really delicious.  As you can see, Kevin was very impatient and didn't bother to wait until I had taken the picture before he dug in.  The onion rings didn't last very long at the table.

Finally it was time to order dinner.  Another thing George's is known for is their chicken fried steak.  I have to admit, I never ate it before I moved to Oklahoma, and even since then I've only had it a few times.  George's offers both a half-portion and a full portion.  I decided to show a little restraint and only order the half, especially because it comes with 2 sides.  We all had a good laugh that they offer a fruit cup as one of their sides.  I mean there's very little healthy on the menu, so I guess that's one of their attempts.  I went with the mac & cheese and the steamed veggies. 

The mac & cheese was just okay, and it tasted more like the boxed kind than anything homemade.  I was disappointed, but I survived.  The veggie were super hot and cooked to a perfect tender-crisp.  I was very pleasantly surprised, because you just never know with a large order at the same time and a crowded restaurant.  I really liked the chicken fried steak, and I liked even more that they put the gravy on the side instead of drowning it.  I was very happy that I only got the half-order, because it was huge.  I can't even imagine getting the full.  Joni and Tony both said it was just okay, but Joni also said that it wasn't nearly as good as hers.  Again, I very rarely ever eat it so I was happy.

Another thing I like about George's is that they do a huge tent on gameday, across the street from the stadium, where they sell beers, margaritas, bloody marys, and burgers.  It's a great gig, with tons of space, a band, tables/chairs and TV's under the tent.  Joni, Tony and I had burgers at halftime and they were really good. 

Will I go back?  Well, we'll be back in Waco in 2 years for football, so I definitely plan to.  The food was good, the beers were cold, and the restaurant was still packed, and getting more crowded, when we left at about 10.