My Chef's Hat - Italian Style Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the reasons that it's so hard to go low-carb.  I could eat them at every meal of the day.  Baked, fried, scallopped, name it, I love them.  The sweet pepper bacon cheese fries at Joe's are probably some of the most unhealthy things ever in life, but for some reason I can't help myself, especially on game weekends.  And when it comes to french fries, I want them straight out of the oil, not sitting there for any length of time. 

But, since I've been trying to eat lower carb this fall I try to only buy potatoes every couple weeks, and also try to buy the smallest russet potatoes I can find.  I had bought 2 potatoes the other day, and was looking for a reason to use them.  And while I have several good potato recipes, I was looking for something new to try out.  Several I found looked very good but also very unhealthy, so I kept looking and came across Italian Style Potatoes.  I loved the combination of spices, and also love that they're roasted instead of fried.  So there's a little olive oil involved, but not too much.

Here's the official recipe:

And here's my version:

Yes, I realize they don't look like much...but man are they awesome!!  I did have a pretty small potato and I  definitely cut them too thin.  Plus, I made the mistake of actually cooking them at the recipe temperature 425 instead of lower for the thinner cut.  So they cooked faster than I planned on the outside, and the inside was just a tad under-cooked.  But the taste more than made up for the prep/cooking errors I made.  The spices were amazing together.  I wasn't sure what the recipe meant by "grating cheese" so I just tossed some parmesan on there...from now on, that is my official "grating cheese".

I'll definitely be making this again soon, if for no other reason than to do a better job on the directions!

Recipe found on What's Cookin'