#73 - Campania Pizza, Southlake TX

One of our bye weeks was my birthday weekend, and there also just happened to be a half marathon near Flower Mound.  And it was OU/Texas weekend and the state fair.  So I decided to go and spend the weekend down there.  When I signed up for the race in July I figured I would start in August, 12 weeks out, and be ready to go by race day.  That was really kind of dumb, because I know how crazy life is during August getting ready for football. And this year for some reason was even worse.  So I really didn't even start training until about 6 weeks before the run--NOT a smart move.  I power walked about 4 miles of it, and it was crazy humid, but still finished only 9 minutes slower than the OKC run.  So I was pretty happy.  I doubt I'll be crazy enough to sign up for another half during football season, but you just never know.

I always hear people talking about "carbing up" the night before a long run.  I just can't figure out how that works.  I can see a few hours before, but anything you eat that far before a run is going to be all gone.  But I decided to try it out, and we went to Campania Pizza in Southlake. 

The restaurant is really nice, and made up of several different seating options.  As soon as you walk in the door is indoor patio seating so you can people-watch the crowds walking by.  There are 2 floors of inside seating, and a few of the 2nd floor tables overlook the first floor.  And then there's a rooftop patio, covered with a pergola, that Joni said is an awesome experience.  I love the super high ceilings, and the Italian tile floor. It was a gorgeous night so we asked for the rooftop,  but they were having a private party up there so the entire rooftop was closed.

I started with the Caesar salad and you had the option to add anchovies.  I know there's anchovies in the dressing, and I know they're good for you, but I can't bring myself to eat a whole anchovy.

Just your basic Caesar salad, but it was really good.  The plate was ice cold, and that kept the salad cold while I ate it.  Definite plus.

They offer several pizzas that come with sauce, and others that don't.  I'm sure if you ask nicely they can either put sauce on or take it off if you wanted.  We went with the Doso pizza (no sauce), and added sausage
Mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, grape tomato, basil, crushed red pepper, garlic, sausage
This pizza is really delicious.  It's a thinner crust than I normally like, but not that paper thin crust that's like eating cardboard.  It still has good texture.  I think with this pizza not doing sauce allows the flavors of the toppings to shine through more.  Tony asked for a side of pizza sauce which I'm glad he did.  Because it is amazing.  Nothing compares to homemade.

Will I go back?  Definitely!  I really liked the pizza, and I want to check out the rooftop dining.  On a nice night it would be a great place to relax with a glass of wine and good food. And they have nutella pizza, which of course I must try.  Did the crab up thing work?  I honestly don't know.