#115 - Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar, Oklahoma City, OK

A couple weeks ago I had taken the day off work. Its very rare that I get to do that during football season, but the way the schedule worked, we had a few weeks between home games in October & November. Originally my plan had been to just run some errands in Stillwater, but once I realized Mistletoe Market was that same weekend, I decided instead to go to OKC.  I did some shopping at Penn Square Mall, and then wanted to eat before heading down to Bricktown. As usual I couldn't decide where to eat. I thought about going to Midtown, but looked and couldn't find anything I was really craving. I had seen Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar numerous times, and had also seen that friends had eaten there in the past and really liked it. So since its right outside the mall, and I was super hungry, that was enough to sell me.

I liked this place from the very beginning.  They grow a lot of their own herbs and vegetables, right out in the front of the restaurant

Inside are more herbs, grown by the staff themselves. They also give away free basil, as well as recipes for pesto.  They also sell spreads, candles, and oils. 

The restaurant itself is pretty big, with lots of different types of seating: tables, booths, outdoor patio, and in the bar area its long high-top tables. I temporarily thought about sitting on the patio, because it was a great fall day, but way too windy. So I sat in the bar area, at a regular table. There's a large, open kitchen, a couple of TV's in the bar, and good music playing.  There's not really a waiting area in the front, but towards the restrooms there are a couple of couches and a big TV. So while you wait, its like you're just hanging out in your living room. The whole place is a combination of farmhouse and restaurant.

Whiskey Cake is a farm to table restaurant, which means they either grow their own items or get everything locally. They also make most of their bread. The bar doesn't just serve cocktails; they also create their own juice drinks. I didn't get one, but the couple at the table next to me did. She really liked her Beetle Juice; he didn't like the Popeye at all. He said t had way too much cilantro. Cilantro is pretty strong, so I can see it being overpowering, especially in a drink.

I usually don't get an appetizer, but I was starving and was having lots of trouble deciding on an entrĂ©e. So I started with the deviled eggs. The server told me they change all the time, and today was bacon jam. He sold me on bacon

These were really good. I was kind of surprised at the size of the serving for just $5. And they definitely did not disappoint. The bacon jam was delicious, and added just a little bite to the creamy eggs.

After lots of indecision and some help from my server I settled on the chicken & cheese melt. He raved about it, and it had everything I love in it. I was bummed that I couldn't substitute parmesan fries for the chips. The sides are sold as separates, not substitutes. He also told me the fries were a lot and I probably wouldn't be able to finish them. I appreciated the thought, but clearly he's never seen me eat fries.
Rotisserie chicken, pesto mayo, avocado, BLT, dill Havarti, toasted sourdough
The sandwich was fantastic. And big! The chicken was hot, the cheese was melted and gooeyy, and you could tell the bread is homemade. The only improvement would be to add red onion and toast the bread  I bet you could request that. Have to admit, he was right about the fries. No chance I could have finished a big serving. The chips are definitely freshly fried and very good, but I wish they were warmer. Mine were probably the end of a batch.

Apparently the real star of the show is their whiskey cake dessert. But I knew I couldn't do it because I was already full. And I wasn't going home any time soon, so I didn't want to order one to go. And after I saw how big it was, I knew I made the right decision.
I will absolutely be going back...soon.