My Chef's Hat - Honey Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes

I've always been extremely picky when it comes to veggies. As a kid I would only eat the broccoli stalks--my parents went with it because at least I was eating something. My dad tried to make me eat a piece of okra once (they steamed them so they were gross and slimy)and for some reason I thought the seeds made it taste bad, so I picked out every single seed. I never liked brussel sprouts, and was hot and cold with peas. But I would eat green beans all day long.

I also wouldn't eat sweet potatoes for a really long time. At Thanksgiving my mom would eat the potatoes and I would eat her marshmallow topping. I know they're really good for you, but I always had a hard time with the texture.  I've gotten better, and make them occasionally. But I'm really making an effort to eat them at least every other week.

I was having salmon for dinner tonight, and wanted a different side than my normal standby recipes. And since its ridiculously cold outside, I wanted something comforting. As usual, Pinterest came to the rescue with Honey Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes. 

Here is the recipe version

I gotta be honest...I can't even post the picture of my first attempt, because I broke the most important rule of the recipe:  don't burn the potatoes.  And I did it exactly the way they said I would: dumping the marinade onto the baking sheet.  I only burned one side though.

The other day I made these again, and even though a couple still got burnt, overall it was much better

Problems aside, this dish was awesome. The smell permeating through my house, a combination of cinnamon, honey and nutmeg, was absolutely amazing. I didn't have pumpkin spice but I would guess that would be really good too.  The potatoes were perfectly cooked. Soft but not mushy. And honestly, even though they were burnt they still tasted good, because the burn was from the honey. 

There's also a recipe for creamy honey cinnamon dip. It sounds fantastic, but I decided to pass on it this time.

Will I make these again? No question.  I just have to work on getting them golden brown next time.  And make the dip.

Recipe found on Averie Cooks