#149 - La Mansion Mexican Restaurant, Catoosa OK

This is the second post that I somehow, inadvertently, deleted. I realized it yesterday when I was working on a new post. Long story short: it's completely gone, I have no backup draft,  when this happened once before nobody was able to help me, and I don't even know when I deleted it. So instead of working on catching up with new posts, this morning has been re-writing these 2 older ones.  But I guess it could be worse. Now I save every post on Google Drive as soon as I publish. I'm not letting this happen again.

Bedlam is what happens when Oklahoma State plays U of Oklahoma in any sport. Bedlam football is the most intense rivalry, but any time the teams take the field/court it's like a blood match. For Bedlam baseball, they play the games in OKC and Tulsa becuase hese venues can accommodate much larger crowds. They alternate years, so when OSU is the home team there's 2 games in Tulsa and one in OKC; when OU is the host, it swaps. This year OU was the host, so the game was in Tulsa on Friday night at the end of April. I usually stay at my friend Bob's house so I don't have to drive all the way back home after the game. He lives in Catoosa, a small town about 20 minutes west of Tulsa.

Saturday morning we woke up late and spent a lazy morning having coffee and chatting out on the back patio.  Alan offered to cook us breakfast, and normally I would jump at that because he makes a mean, large breakfast.  But Bob said he wanted to take me to La Mansion Mexican Restaurant.  Food blog research won out. 

La Mansion is located in a strip mall just a few minutes from their house. You walk in, and are immediately transported to Mexico. I love that the tables and chairs are so brightly painted

We decided to split a margarita while we looked at the menu.  The mango looked and sounded delicious, so we went with it

This was powerful but awesome.  I'm very glad we split it, because I don't know that I could have drunk the whole thing myself.  Well, yeah, I probably could have.  But that's okay...maybe next time.

Of course, chips & salsa came to the table almost immediately

This chips were thin and crisp and delicious.  The salsa was really good, and tasted homemade. Bob also got an order of the chorizo dip

Wow, this was absolutely amazing.  The kick of the chorizo was toned down by the queso. He ordered the small, but we easily could have devoured the large. It was so creamy and delicious.

For lunch Bob got the pollo loco. It's only on the weekday lunch menu, but they make it for him whenever he asks
Grilled chicken strips with cheese sauce, rice & beans
I tried a bite of the chicken and it was fantastic. It's easy for chicken breast to get dry, especially when it's cut into small strips like that. But whatever they marinate it in definitely helps to retain the moisture. The cheese sauce was very good as well, and not heavy as can sometimes be the case.

I thought about going healthy and getting the spinach enchiladas.  Bob said they were good, but kept raving about the chimichanga.  I decided to give in and go with the beef chimichanga with fajita meat

I am so happy I listened to him. This was one of the best chimichangas I've ever had. This one was about half the size of what you get at many restaurants, but that's okay, because most places they are way too big. The meat was incredibly tender and seasoned so well. Even though it was deep fried, it wasn't heavy at all.  I didn't even need a knife to cut into it.  The cheese sauce was the same as on Bob's pollo loco, and again really delicious. 

I had meant to ask for borracho beans instead of refried, and Bob said he thought they had them.  I asked our server, and he looked at me like I was nuts.  Nope, no borracho beans on the menu. Oh well, the beans I did have were really good.  And I like that they have a little cheese on them too.  The rice was decent.

Will I go back? Yes most definitely.  The food was delicious and the service was prompt and efficient.