Repeats with a Twist - S&B Burger Joint, Oklahoma City OK

Last weekend I visited my friends Joni & Tony in Flower Mound, TX. I usually take my time Sunday mornings: no alarm, go running, have breakfast, sometimes hit Central Market, and leave late morning.  But last weekend was different. Oklahoma and Texas have had so much rain this spring...tons more than normal. In May it rained every single day. It never does that. The rain was great for the farmers, ponds and lakes, at least for a while. But then at some point, the rain has nowhere to go, so it floods.  It even caused rock slides on a portion of I-35 North, the most direct route between Texas and Oklahoma. And since they closed a 4-mile stretch, there was no way I was fighting the traffic through the detour.  So instead I took the "back route". It should only add about 40 minutes to the trip.  However, my GPS kept trying to force me back to I-35 so I had to do a little guessing--which of course resulted in 2 wrong turns. But thankfully I realized that pretty quickly and got back on track.  It's a really scenic route, going through several small towns. The good thing about the back route is that 95% of it is highway and 70mph. The down side is that on a Sunday, the only restaurants you're going to find open are chains. None of the local places I was really wanting to try.  So I pushed through to Oklahoma City, and decided to eat at S&B Burger Joint.  I've been there one other time 3 years ago. 

There are numerous S&B locations throughout the metro, and I went to the one on N. May Avenue.  You have to know where you're going to find this one, as it's on the first floor of an office building, across from a strip mall. To get to the restaurant, enter the main door of the building, then turn left, and you can't miss it.

I was seated at a table in the corner. At first I was going to ask to sit closer to the door, but this table gave me a good view of the whole place. It's a very small place, seating maybe 50 inside.  There's lots of very cool pictures of rock bands on the walls, and then the tables are covered with album covers

There's also a small outdoor patio.  Even though it was covered, it was way too hot & humid to sit out there; besides, my legs needed a break from the mosquitos.  

The drink menu is pretty substantial, including 7 different kinds of bloody mary's.  I don't do bloody's, but they have very unique names and I'm sure they are good. They also do regular cocktails, beer, and boozy milkshakes.  I wasn't feeling boozy, so I just went with the Abbey Road, their cookies & cream inspired shake.

I really like the presentation, with the extra in the shaker cup.  The only thing though, the serving glass wasn't cold enough so before I was done the milkshake was kind of warm. But no worries, I still drank it up because it was delicious and creamy, with chunks of oreo cookies. 

The food menu is big, and burgers are obviously their specialty. They've got 21 different kinds to choose from, or you can even build your own. They include a recommended beer pairing with each burger option, which is a great idea. To go with the burgers they've got smothered fries and regular fries. They also have a few taco and salad options. 

On my last visit I had the smothered fries. They were good, but it just was too much so about halfway through they got soggy.  I don't do soggy fries.  

The Fatty (grilled onions, pickles, American cheese) is their signature burger, but it really didn't jump out at me. Not when there were so many unique combinations to choose from. I couldn't decide between the Smokin Okie or the Black & Bleu burger, and when I asked the server for his help, he pointed out that each burger can also be done as a slider, and that way I could try both. Yep, listed right there on the menu. What a genius idea! I thought about getting 3, but he said 2 with fries was more than enough.  I decided to listen to him with one of each slider and fries
Grilled jalapenos, smoked gouda, bacon, mayo, and BBQ sauce
This was delicious. I had meant to ask for BBQ sauce on the side, but I forgot. One bite, and I'm glad I forgot. It was both smoky and sweet, and really good.  I would say they added a little too much, but I powered through. The jalapenos had a definite kick, but weren't too spicy. Or maybe they were and the BBQ sauce toned it down. 

I've never seen a restaurant offer mixed fries, so of course I had to try them.  They were scorching hot, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.  They were both excellent, but the regular fries slightly won out.
Blackened with bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado and bleu cheese
Wow, this was fantastic.  The bleu cheese added that little bite that worked so well with the blackening spice on the patty and the other ingredients. It's a tough choice which one was better, but I'm going with black & bleu.  For a minute I was even tempted to order another one. But only for a minute

I will definitely be coming back here. The atmosphere was really cool and the food is awesome. This is yet another place that would do really well in Stillwater.