#176 - Super Duper Burger, San Francisco CA

My Association of Luxury Suite Director's conference was a couple weeks ago in San Francisco.  Our hotel was the San Francisco Marriott Marquis, in the heart of downtown. The final day of sessions was on a Thursday, and since there was no conference breakfast, I wanted to get something to eat.  I had seen Super Duper Burger on Market Street during my morning runs, so I decided to go there. 

Only some of the locations are open for breakfast, and thankfully the one on Market Street was. There are 6 locations in San Francisco.  There was one at Metreon, right across the street from the hotel, and we had considered going there for lunch the day before. 

The restaurant is all about sustainability and locally-sourced products.  They use organic, cage-free eggs, vegetarian-fed beef ground fresh daily, locally baked bread, organic cream, and they even make homemade pickles.

At the condiment and drink stand they have complimentary homemade pickles.

The pickles were so good.  Tart, but not overpowering. Extremely fresh and crunchy. One piece and I really did consider buying a bottle.  But then I remembered that getting them home would be a challenge.  Especially if something happened and the bottle broke.

The breakfast menu isn't large, but that's quite okay.  I do a lot better with a small menu. I went with the egg sandwich with cheese and bacon.  And the price was just right, $3.50. 

This sandwich was awesome. All the ingredients were so fresh, and you can definitely tell the difference from a regular restaurant. They make your food when you order, so nothing is sitting around. Man, I wish I had known about this place from my first day. They had a combo meal that included their famous mini donuts. Tempting, but I didn't need them. They make them fresh daily, and I'm sure they were really good. 

Will I go back? No question.  I definitely want to try this place for lunch. When we had walked in there the day before it smelled amazing. And if it's anything like breakfast, I'll be in good hands.