#190 - Green Door Public House, Dallas TX

In June I spent a weekend in Dallas with Joni & Tony. That Saturday morning I got up early, drove down to the Dallas Farmer's Market, and of course wrote a review. I tweeted about it while I was there, and got a retweet from Green Door Public House that they were located right nearby. I already had plans to meet Joni for lunch back in Flower Mound, but I immediately put it on the schedule for my next trip. That trip happened a few weeks ago when I was back in Dallas for Joni's daughter's wedding. 

I got to the market about 9:30, because you just never know how long it will take to walk around and check out all the vendors. They didn't have as many as were there in June, but I still bought some goodies, including baby portobella mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and okra. The guy selling fresh meat always tries to suck me in, but I stave him off when I tell him I live in Stillwater.

I finished at the market at 10:30, so I had 30 minutes to kill before the restaurant opened. I started to walk since it's so close, got the to the nursery about a block from my car, and realized how hot it already was. And how I definitely wasn't going to want to walk back after eating. So I drove over, which ended up being a very smart decision.

I was the first patron in the door. I thought about sitting at the bar, but then decided to get the full service experience at a table. The restaurant is in a very cool, old building

Photo courtesy of Green Door Public House
I love when new businesses take over old/historic buildings and preserve the look and feel of the original space. They may not have a choice because of revitalization code, but still. History is cool. They kept the brick walls and tall, exposed ceilings. The seating is a combination of a large bar, high-top tables, and regular tables. They've got lots of pictures of old Dallas on the walls, and a very cool outdoor patio

They have weekend brunch, and so of course also brunch cocktails. I went light with a mimosa, as well as a big glass of water to cool down.  The menus are short and sweet. Perfect for me, because I don't do well with huge menus. 

I had looked at some of their menu items on their Instagram page, and one of the first things that jumped out at me was the chicken tortilla soup, so I went with it to start. I know, I know, it was a million degrees outside. But I only got a cup.

Wow. This was well worth it. It was rich and super flavorful. It was so dark that I almost thought they brought me chili instead of soup. And yes, I even double checked the menu. But nope, it's the wonderful soup. The spice doesn't hit you at first, but it definitely sneaks up a couple bites in. I like that they include big chunks of avocado to help cool down the heat. I could have easily eaten at least a bowl of this.

For my entree I went back and forth on a couple of items, all of which looked so good on Instagram. I finally decided on the blackened fish tacos, with corn tortillas

Blackened tilapia, lettuce, pico de gallo, and taco sauce
The first thing I tried was the roasted tomato salsa. Outstanding. Such a great depth of flavor. I asked the server if it was made in house, and she told me that 95% of their menu is. Love it. The guacamole was freshly made as well, with fresh lime juice, and really good. The chips were light, super crispy, and lightly seasoned. The tacos were excellent. The menu states 2 tacos, and you might think it won't be enough food. But then you would be wrong. There's a whole filet in each taco, and they pile the toppings on there. The blackening provides a subtle, delicious kick, and I'm quite sure it's a homemade mix, not the stuff you would buy at the store.

Will I go back? No question. The food was excellent, and I really liked the atmosphere. And I need another bowl of the chicken tortilla soup. I can see afternoon funtivities here with Joni on my next Dallas excursion.