My Chef's Hat - Corn Cakes with Goat Cheese

Before Pinterest, I got most of my recipes from and I printed them out because I didn't really have anywhere else to store them. A couple months ago I was cleaning out my little office space and came across a huge stack of those recipes. I went online, found most of them, and pinned them. I also realized I hadn't done posts about any of them. 

The problem with Pinterest is that it's almost impossible to go immediately to what you're looking for. Every time I log on I find fun new things to pin, get sidetracked, and sometimes totally forgot what I was even originally looking for.

Since the end of July my life has been absolutely insane getting ready for football season. And this has probably been the craziest year since I've been here. Unfortunately my blog suffered, because obviously my focus was almost solely on work. I was only posting about once a week, which was a big drop from before. Last week, after the first home game, I figured I would pick back up steam with the blog. But then I forgot how busy it is when there's back to back home games...especially at the start of the season. Now that game 2 is over, it's truly time to shift some of my focus back to the blog. I've worked really hard this year to grow my blog, so the last thing I want is to let it slide and have people stop following.

I absolutely love corn. In the summer I could eat it all the time, when it's so sweet. It's hard to find in the winter, so occasionally I'll buy canned or frozen corn. They say frozen vegetables are practically an equal substitute, because they pick and freeze them at the height of their freshness. When it's part of a casserole or dish, then yeah I agree. Growing up, my mom normally just boiled corn on the cob, and we'd eat it with butter. Simple, easy, and delicious. I would say until about 10 years ago that's almost the only way I ate it. But there are so many other ways to use it. One of my favorites, and one of those pre-Pinterest recipes, is Corn Cakes with Goat Cheese

Here is the official recipe photo

And here is my version

I have to admit I forget about this recipe periodically, and then I make it again and remember why I like it so much. It's a great way to get double vegetables, and the mild zucchini doesn't compete with the corn. The goat cheese adds a very mild flavor and creamy texture. Wonderful contrast to the cakes. The recipe only calls for spring onions, but I always add regular onions as well. Usually yellow onions, but sometimes red onions for a little more sweetness. I also add minced fresh garlic, which adds a nice flavor.

I really need to get this recipe back on the rotation. It's easy to make, substantial, and a great side dish. 

Recipe courtesy of Cook Like a Champion

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