My Chef's Hat - Sausage & Sweet Potato Hash

I've posted on here about the fact that I have the sickle cell trait. I'll never get the disease or suffer any symptoms, and luckily don't have to alter my lifestyle.  But my iron is very low, and I struggle to keep it up. About 18 months ago I started giving blood, but I can only do platelets. And it takes me a couple weeks of serious iron bulking to even get the level high enough to donate. It's a vicious cycle. I really need to go to the doctor to see if there's anything I can do to help regulate my levels so I don't have to go crazy with it every couple months.

A while ago I had found a reciepe for sausage & sweet potato hash. I made it a couple months ago, and since it was the night before I was donating, I added kale and spinach for some extra bulk.

I try to always keep Italian sausage in the freezer. I don't use it that often, but I do have a few go-to recipes. My favorite brand is Johnsonville, and they've got sweet, mild, and spicy. I used to buy the mild, but once I tasted the spicy I haven't gone back. It's not crazy hot, but it definitely adds a good kick to the dish.

My original plan for lunch was a completely different dish with the sausage, and then I remembered I had a sweet potato that I needed to use. And I also remembered that it's the first day of Fall, and this is the perfect recipe to kick off the season.

Here is the recipe version

And here is my version:

I really like this dish.  It's healthy, hearty but not heavy, and filling.  The recipe calls for both white and orange sweet potatoes.  I had no idea white sweet potatoes even existed.  I used sausage in the casing and cut it into small chunks. I could probably cut it smaller, but it's a pain to cut up much smaller than this when it's raw.  The recipe calls for the potatoes to be boiled for a few minutes and then just added in at the end.  I cooked mine all the way through in the same pan I cooked the sausage in, which adds tons more flavor.  The first time I made this I went way overboard with the parsley, and also didn't cut it up nearly small enough. You could barely see the food through it.  This time I held back, partially because a caterpillar ravaged my parsley plant a couple weeks ago and it's just starting to grow back. 

I would say the only negative to eating such a savory dish is my sweet tooth is in overdrive. So I'll eat just a little something sweet to take care of that craving. 

And I'll definitely make this regularly, especially before giving platelets. 

Recipe found on Noble Pig Vineyard & Winery

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