#191 - Main St Bakery, Grapevine TX

When I was in Dallas a couple weeks ago for Joni's daughter's wedding, I stayed at the Springhill Suites in Grapevine. I normally pick the select-service hotels over full service, because they offer complimentary breakfast, wi-fi, and parking. On Saturday morning I went down for breakfast. The eggs were horrible...tasted like powder. I know places do use powdered eggs, but when they're prepared properly you can't tell. The sausage was super salty, and I heard a young woman telling her mom that the oatmeal wasn't good at all. Clearly, a huge disappointment. 

My original plan was to sleep in Sunday morning, have a leisurely brunch, and then head back to Stillwater. But then I changed my mind and got up early, so I could knock out a few hours of work. No chance I was tempting that hotel breakfast again though. I momentarily thought about just hitting the road and stopping for fast food, but that goes totally against the food blog. So I went online in search of breakfast. I didn't want to go too far out of my way, and wanted to eat before I reached the highway, so that somewhat limited my options. I came across Main Street Bakery; only about 10 minutes from my hotel, and it had gotten really good reviews. 

Main Street Bakery is, no surprise, on Main St in downtown Grapevine. But they do also have locations in Plano and Richardson, which are Dallas suburbs. There's so many cute little shops and restaurants on Main Street, and Joni and I often go there. I had never heard of or even seen the bakery before, so it was a nice surprise. And the restaurant is absolutely adorable. A few tables out front on the sidewalk. You walk in the front door and there's a couple of tables, plus a little counter with a few stools looking out to the street. To the left are 2 displays full of fresh pastries and baked goods, and an open kitchen at the back.

All of their pastries and breads are baked fresh daily, which was one of the selling points for me. You can imagine the gorgeous smells wafting throughout. 

You order at the counter and they bring the food to you. Joni doesn't do restaurants like that, so I'm guessing that's why we've never been here before. But then I saw that they serve wine at lunch and dinner...I think I might have found a way to get her here! They have the entire menu on a large board above the order counter, but I always feel rushed trying to decide what to get that way. I looked around, and found handheld menus on a display rack

They also have a bloody Mary bar in the main dining room.

I don't do tomato juice, and I had a 4-hour drive ahead of me, so I passed. They also have a wide variety of coffees and teas. I had already had coffee so I passed on that as well. But I like that they serve the coffee in large mugs, and you can get free refills. Perfect for a leisurely morning.

Although the pastries and baked goods looked amazing, that wasn't going to be filling at all. So instead I went with the Le Parisien

Scrambled eggs, applewood bacon, with our award winning croissant, jam, butter, breakfast potatoes
This is a basic breakfast, kicked up a bunch of notches. The eggs were delicious and very clearly freshly cracked, completely the opposite of my hotel debacle the previous morning. The bacon is thick cut and cooked just the way I like it. When I first saw the potatoes I was a little disappointed by the lack of color. But what they lack in color, they make up for in great flavor. However, I only ate a few bites so I could save my carbs for the croissant. And I'm glad that I did. The croissant was excellent, very light and flaky. I wish they gave you more butter rather than jam. Yes, I realize I could have gotten up and gotten more, but I was just too lazy.

Will I go back? If I lived there I would be there every Sunday. 

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