My Chef's Hat - Pan Roasted Salmon

The other day I was looking for a new salmon recipe.  I already have a few staples on hand that I love.  However, since I eat salmon once a week I needed to find a few more recipes to add to the collection.  I found a few different recipes on pinterest, and decided to go with the Pan Roasted Salmon.  As soon as I saw that brown sugar was one of the first ingredients I knew it would be awesome, because that would create a great caramelization.

Here is the official recipe picture:

And here is my version:

Just as I thought, the brown sugar browned perfectly.  Who would have thought that sweet would work on salmon?!  The cinnamon was a great addition, something I never would have thought would have worked.  Searing the salmon first created lots of smoke in the kitchen, but it sure smelled good!  And I love the idea of finishing the dish in the oven.  The sear provided a great "crust", and the oven finish allowed it to cook all the way through without burning. 

No question I'll be making this again and again.  Mine turned out a little more seared than the picture, but it was still really good. 

Recipe found on A Sweet Pea Chef