Repeats with a Twist - Louie's, Stillwater, OK

Louie's Grill & Bar is one of my favorite restaurants in Stillwater.  The food is consistently good, there's about a million TV's so you can watch pretty much any game there is, and I love that it's downtown rather than in other parts of town.  The only downside is the size.  There's only about 20 tables, plus the bar, so it's very packed, especially at lunch and dinner.  I don't know if they were worried about making it too big, but they could have easily doubled the size and it would still always be crowded. 

The fried pickles could very well be my favorite thing on the menu.  They always come out screaming hot, are thick cut and breaded, and the dipping sauce is awesome.  My dad rarely eats fried food but he really likes them.  I think my second favorite is the pepperoni pizza.  Not sure what they do to the crust, but it is absolutely delicious. It really is too big for a single meal, but I'll admit I have eaten the whole thing in one sitting once or twice when I was absolutely starving.  Some of my other favorite dishes are the Gobble Gobble (turkey sandwich), avocado burger, bleu cheese burger, and southwest wrap.

I rode back from the Kansas football game last month with Tony & Joni, so we decided to have lunch at Louie's before they dropped me at home.  We had eaten (and drank) about as unhealthy as possible all weekend, so I decided to go the healthier route for lunch, and went with the blackened tilapia with black bean salsa.  You get 2 sides with entrees, so I chose the fried green beans and broccoli salad.
Your choice of blackened and topped with
black bean salsa or grilled with lemon pepper
The tilapia was really delicious!  It had a little kick, but definitely wasn't spicy.  I squeezed a the lime wedge onto the fish and it added a great flavor.  Tilapia fillets are always pretty thin, so I wish they would give you 2...hopefully for dinner they do that.  The black bean salsa was a great accompaniment for it.  It looks pretty simple, so I need to figure out how to make it.  The broccoli salad was just okay.  I think it had too much dressing for my taste.  I've had the fried green beans before, and they were really good, as always.