#91 - Le Peep - Houston, TX

The morning after the Houston caravan, the tire on my truck was soft again.  Big surprise.  So I stopped back at the Firestone place, they filled it with air, and told me I should be able to make it to Dallas.  So I decided to grab some breakfast before I got on the road.  JJ had told me good things about Le Peep, especially for breakfast.  And since she never steers me wrong with food, I headed that way. 

There are several locations, with 5 in the Houston area.  The closest one was in the Galleria area.  Thankfully the traffic wasn't too absolutely horrible, so I made it there pretty fast.  It's a cute place, and kind of reminds me of a grandmother's house, with plastic tablecloths and lattice on the separator walls. 

Quite sure this place is packed on the weekends, but it really wasn't bad when I arrived.  It's open for breakfast and lunch only.  The coffee is served in a bottomless carafe that they leave at the table, kinda like Ihop.  They serve water in a carafe too, which is pretty unique.  Don't usually see that, but it's good because I didn't have to keep asking for a refill.  It's a pretty big menu, and I was just going to be boring and get eggs & bacon.  But the Florentine omelette caught my eye, and I needed some green in my life. 
Fresh spinach, swiss cheese, sauteed  mushrooms and diced bacon.
Topped with swiss cheese and diced tomatoes
It was pretty good.  For some reason I had never really thought of spinach in an omelette before, but I really liked the flavor and will definitely do that at home in the future.  There was lots of spinach and mushrooms, which was really good.  A slice of Swiss cheese wasn't what I was expecting.  Most places use cheddar, and it's shredded.  But I was sold...it's an earthier flavor that is really good.  At a lot of places the omelette is massive and overwhelming, but this one was probably only 2-3 eggs, and it was just enough.  The potatoes were just okay.  They had good seasoning, but I wish they were crispier, more like hash browns. 

Will I go back?  Yes I will.  This meal didn't blow me away, but they're obviously doing something right because it's been voted best breakfast in Houston on more than one occasion.  So I want to give it another chance.