#99 - Drunken Fish Sushi Restaurant & Lounge, Kansas City, MO

After our big lunch at Oklahoma Joe's, Kerrie and I dropped everyone at the airport, took the rental car back, talked to a few friends in the hotel lobby, and then it was high time for a nap.  I absolutely love the Marriott beds. They are so plush and comfortable.  I was trying to figure out how to sneak it out of the hotel, but I think security would catch me. And that wouldn't be a good situation.  After my nap I finished watching soccer, and was then getting hungry.  

The one thing I hadn't eaten all week was sushi.  And I love sushi.  And there are 2 sushi choices at Power & Light.  Well, one of the food stops at our last venue tour of the conference at Sporting KC did have sushi and I had a couple of pieces.  I can't remember what it was called, but it was really good.  Dick's explanation was "a Chinese taco".  I thought about Kobe Steak & Seafood but as I walked by I just wasn't feeling it.  So I continued on to Drunken Fish Sushi Restaurant & Lounge.  

It was a beautiful night, so I sat on the patio.  I was only inside long enough to stop at the hostess stand and ask to sit outside, but the inside did look cool.  I had planned to go in to the restroom at some point and check out the whole restaurant, but never made it. The patio isn't large, but it's the whole length of the restaurant and can seat about 50 out there.  

My server was in training, but she still did a pretty good job.  I really like that when she first arrived she dropped off a card that had all their contact info and social media presences, and the other locations on it.  And a space for the server name, so you can ask for them specifically next time.  Very smart.  

I focused mainly on water, but the specialty drinks were calling my name and had very fun names.  I decided to go with the Mr. Miyagi.  
Vodka, blue curacao, melon liqueur, amaretto, pineapple juice, splash of sour
It was very good!  I kinda felt like I was in Maui, with the great colors and fruity garnishes. But sadly, I wasn't.   I really hungry, so decided to try an appetizer while I thought about what sushi to get.  I thought about gyoza, but you can get that anywhere.  The sticky fries sounded good, but a little too sweet.  And since my drink was pretty sweet that would be too much.  I eventually settled on drunken tofu.  I'm not usually a fan of tofu, but I'm trying to develop a taste for it.  And in the trade show on the first night they had a tofu pad Thai station, and it was really good.   So I decided to be adventurous 
Lightly fried tofu, topped with grated ginger, shiso, scallions, daikon, sweet soy dressing
Wow, this was really good.  They weren't kidding about lightly fried either.  It was like they barely dipped the tofu in breading before frying it, and it broke apart as soon as I cut into it. The dressing was so light and flavorful, and the tofu absorbed it really well.  It did have a lot more ginger than I was expecting, but it was still delicious.  

After a lot of deciding and contemplating, I finally decided on the spicy eskimo roll. 
Crab, cucumber, cream cheese, topped with smoked salmon, yuzo sauce, garlic mayo,
jalapeno slices, and black tobiko
These rolls were awesome!  The jalapeno added a serious kick, even though the slices were very thin.  The kick was probably heightened since I always mix wasabi with my soy sauce. The cream cheese added a very nice creamy texture to the rolls.  I had no idea what black tobiko was and when the server said roe eggs, I passed.   

I was still hungry, so I then ordered the spicy calamari roll
Tempura-fried calamari and asparagus, topped with spicy mayo, masago, and sesame seeds
These were absolutely delicious.  The calamari was warm and perfectly cooked, and the spicy mayo had a really good kick.  I could have seriously eaten another one, but I was getting really full.  I never get masago on my rolls.  I think those are different roe eggs.

I momentarily thought about dessert, but realized that would be a little overboard at that point.

Will I go back?  No question.  The food and the atmosphere were great, and I would love to try out some different sushi.