#96 - Infuzion Ultra Lounge & Bistro - Tulsa, OK

A few weeks ago I went to spend the evening with my friends Shawn & Karen in Tulsa.  They had a new restaurant they wanted to check out, so of course I was in.  They are major creatures of habit, so for them to branch out to something new is a big thing, which I was even more excited about.  So we went to Infuzion Ultra Lounge & Bistro.  It's located on the corner of a strip mall not far from their house.  The inside kind of has this "new age" look, with very modern furniture, rope lighting under the bar, and purple lights that give the restaurant kind of a nightclub feel.  Shawn & Karen are renovating their house, so we spent some time admiring the décor and how some of what they did might work in the house.  We didn't see the outdoor patio when we were there, but looking at pictures on the website it looks like a great place for happy hour.  They had a 3-person band playing when we arrived, and it was very much dinner music.  Oldies back to Sinatra days.  They also had a slideshow playing on the screen with old pictures to match the music.  It was a very interesting combination.  We kind of got engrossed in it, trying to figure out who the celebrities in the pictures were.  It was nice, but the music eventually got really slow... too slow even for dinner music.  Our server said that at 10pm the music changes over, and it really does become a nightclub. 

We started with drinks, and all went with margaritas.  They were very good and pretty strong.  We started with the southwestern chicken quesadillas
 Grilled chicken and onions and three cheese blend 
The quesadillas were really good.  It was a little heavy on the cheese, but in all honestly who can complain about too much cheese?  The chips on the side were good, but I wish they hadn't put the salsa and sour cream on top, because the chips got soggy.

For dinner Shawn got the flatbread pizza, Karen got the chicken enchiladas Verde, and I got the Infuzion burger

I didn't try any of Shawn's pizza because it wasn't a lot... he's a big guy, so I didn't want to take any of his food away!  But he said it was very good.  I did try a bite of Karen's enchiladas, and they were delicious.  I had been deciding between them and the burger.  My burger was really good as well.  It was cooked to a perfect medium, and the egg was perfectly cooked.  I've become a big fan of the egg on the burger fad.  My sweet potato fries were hot and fresh. 

Will I go back?  Definitely!  The food was very good, and there's some other things on the menu I would like to try.  I'd love to go later in the evening for dinner, and stay to watch the transformation into a nightclub.  I have the feeling it's some epic people watching.