#95 - Grimaldi's Pizzeria - Flower Mound, TX

After a few hours of funtivities at The Truck Yard, we figured it would be best to head back closer to Flower Mound for dinner. As usual we couldn't decide what to eat, but I knew I wanted something new for the food blog. By the time we got back home, we decided to go to Grimaldi's Pizzeria.  There's one in Highland Village, not far from Joni's house.  

Grimaldi's originated in NYC, with 3 locations. Now they've got locations across the country. Once we got there I feel like I've eaten there once before in my life in Manhattan. But if I did it was a million years ago.

It was about 7pm on Saturday night so of course the restaurant was packed, but the wait really wasn't too long. There's a great outdoor patio with about 15 tables, and half the bar is also outside. It was super windy and there's nothing to protect from any of the wind, so I would have preferred to sit inside. But Joni wanted to sit on the patio, so I just went with it.

The restaurant itself is very New York: red & white checkered tablecloths, Sinatra playing in the background, inside tables close together so its loud and boisterous, but fun.  We started with the spinach salad, and got a large to share.
Baby spinach, tomato, bacon, red onion, vinaigrette
The salad was really fresh and delicious  I had the server add some fresh cracked pepper on top of mine.

The "personal" pizzas are 12", way too big to eat at one serving. But we each wanted something different, so got our own. I do like that they offer a choice of 3 sauces... red, white, and pesto.   I don't like that the toppings are priced a la carte, and are pretty pricey for being toppings. But obviously it works.   Joni got the plain pesto, and I got white with garlic, and added pepperoni, green peppers and onions.

I'm not normally a big fan of thin crust pizza, but this was absolutely fantastic. The white sauce was delicious. The garlic was definitely there, but not overpowering. The pepperoni was thicker cut, which I really liked. Joni's pizza came out first and I had a piece of hers. It was so good as well. The pesto was really, really good.  I stopped myself after half the pizza, and has the rest for breakfast the next morning.

Will I go back? No question. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, even with all the wind. And I could eat that pizza regularly.