#39 - The Owner's Box, Omni Dallas Hotel

Okay, so back to posts about food... For the fan hospitality room at the Heart of Dallas Bowl, we decided to use The Owner's Box, the sports bar restaurant at the team hotel.  It wasn't ideal because while it has a sports bar feel, it is set up as more of a restaurant, but that was the best available option.  On the flip side, it's a really beautiful space, with about a million TV's (including a 16' TV on the far back wall), several different seating options, an outdoor patio that I can imagine is amazing in the summer, and even a private VIP space.  The hotel itself is only about a year old, and very nice.  It's located in the heart of downtown Dallas, next to the Convention Center and only a couple blocks from West End, Dealey Plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum. 

If you've never been to the Sixth Floor Museum, it's worth a trip to Dallas just for that.  Of course there's conspiracy theorists who spend their days on the grassy knoll trying to get you to buy books proving that the government was behind the assassination.  And there are two "X's" on Elm Street indicating the exact spots where Kennedy was shot.  I always wonder why they did that, because at all hours of the day there are people standing in the middle of the road, on the X's, for photo ops.  Wouldn't be so bad if the road was closed, but it's a pretty well traveled road, and people come over the crest of the hill at a pretty good rate of speed.  I'm honestly shocked nobody has gotten killed while out there.  But anyways, the museum is really cool and extremely moving.  I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it's a little too coincidental that of all the professional pictures taken that day, they are all crystal clear EXCEPT those taken a second before until about 2 seconds after the shots were fired.  And then that they somehow "lost" Kennedy's brain at the hospital, which would have shown the path of the bullets.  I believe that once everyone who had anything to do with anything are dead, the truth will come out. 

But anyways, back to the food... Ellen and I had gone over to 6th Street Uptown, our "official party bar", to decorate, so by the time we got back we didn't have tons of time before we had to be at work.  And we had taken my parents' car, so they were waiting for me back in my hotel room.  So instead of leaving the property, I figured we could just eat at The Owner's Box. 

Unfortunately their menu isn't really vegetarian friendly, so I suggested they just get the margherita pizza.  My mom immediately panicked, thinking I was having them order something with alcohol.  She does drink, but very rarely and not at 11AM.  So I had to reassure her that it was perfectly fine, and showed her the menu explaining that it just meant cheese, basil and tomatoes. 

I had heard good things about their burgers, so decided to try the Bleu Burger with fries
Bleu Cheese, Arugula, Tomato, Onion
Man, that burger is awesome!!  It's much more food than I should have eaten, but all I had for breakfast was some fruit and coffee, so that made it okay.  It was big chunks of bleu cheese, which I absolutely love.  I don't know if I've ever had arugula before, and definitely haven't had it on a burger, but it has really good flavor.  And the fries were hot, fresh and delicious. 

You can see a little bit of my parents' pizza in the top left hand corner of the picture.  We were all pretty disappointed because we asked the waitress how much it was and she said it would definitely be enough for 2.  Maybe 2 people who aren't hungry... My parents did say it was really good though.  They thought about ordering another one, but then the waitress mentioned bread pudding for dessert and they went with that instead. 

I am now officially a huge fan of bread pudding.  This was absolutely fantastic...warm, gooey deliciousness, and even though it was just vanilla ice cream on top, it was a perfect complement.  Luckily by the time they ordered the dessert I was already off getting ready for the hospitality room to open, so I only had time for one bite.  I say luckily, because I could have eaten the entire thing on my own.

Will I go back?  To eat...doubtful; for happy hour...probably, just to check out the patio.  The food was really good, but they weren't the most cooperative to work with.  And they nickle-and-dimed us for everything.  We're accustomed to hotel bars that are willing to be very accommodating, because they understand how much business we bring them for those couple days.  I'm really hoping that whichever team stays there next year has a better experience.