#33 - Texas Spice, Dallas TX

Wow, it's been a month since I posted about a restaurant in this blog!! That means I've got lots of work ahead of me, since we went to about 10 new restaurants in the past month.

The evening of our site visit for the bowl game they hosted us for dinner at
Texas Spice, the mid-priced restaurant at the team hotel. It's a very nice place, kinda dark (maybe that's for atmosphere) and has a really cool outdoor patio that I'm sure would be fantastic in the warmer months.

We started with a couple of appetizers. I forgot to take a picture of the BBQ steak wraps, but they were really delicious. It came with poppy seed slaw, caramelized onions, and feta cheese (or "feeta", as Mack kept calling it). The other appetizer was a tasting of deviled eggs: pickled & belly; smoked salmon and caper; classic.  

I'm not really a fan of capers so I skipped that one because I knew the brine from the capers would have sunk in already. The classic were, well, classic. To me, that's really the best way to eat deviled eggs, and I could honestly eat about a dozen of them in no time. We all tried to get each other to try the pickled first. I can't remember who finally decided to be the guinea pig, but once they said it was okay, I decided to try it. It was okay, but I still really preferred the classic.

I decided to go with the Texas Waygu beef as my entree. It comes with horseradish twice baked potatoes, and I was honestly looking forward to trying those out, but when Mack ordered the mac & cheese with his steak I realized that was a much better idea.

The steak was amazing. It was cooked perfectly, and the bordy sauce, whatever that was, was really delicious. I'm glad I went with the mac & cheese because it was delicious.  The cheese didn't take over the whole dish, just simply added great flavor. Not sure exactly what kind of greens they were, but they were very tasty. I'm assuming collards and maybe kale.

And if all this food wasn't enough, then came dessert.

There were several different types of desserts, but I picked this one which was like a chocolate mousse.  It was just a mini serving, which was really good considering all the food and wine we had during dinner.  Perfect way to end the meal.

Will I come back?  You  know, although it was really delicious, there are so many great steak places in Dallas that it wouldn't be at the top of my list...unless someone else was treating :)