#164 - Hefner Grill, Oklahoma City OK

When I meet with club seat holders, the visit normally lasts 30-45 minutes.  I've been lucky that the feedback has been almost all positive, and the negative feedback has been constructive. Only one time all spring did I have a group hit me with complaints from the get-go, and then they didn't want to hear when I explained why things were they way they were, and why we couldn't change them.  Sometimes it's a quick business-like meeting, and other times I feel like we're best friends by the time I leave.

Thursday I had an 11am appointment at a donor's home in Edmond.  Edmond isn't a super high end area, but the homes are definitely luxurious.  Their home was gorgeous, and at the same time looked very lived-in and comfortable.  Exactly the kind of house I would like to have.  I did ask if there were any single men in the neighborhood; they didn't think so, but said they would keep their eyes open!  See, that's the kind of feedback I really like.

We had a great conversation, and at about 45 minutes I started to kind of wrap up. Then, next thing I know, we go off on another topic and then we went upstairs to see their OSU room.  By the time we got back downstairs I realized it was 12:20. My next appointment was at 12:30...25 minutes away.  So I was a little late to lunch, but I made a slightly new speed record and it wasn't too bad.

My lunch appointment was at Hefner Grill.  It's located on Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City. I don't get out to the lake that often, and I don't know why.  It's such a great area. There's a large running path, boating on the lake, and several restaurants.  All the restaurants on the lake are part of the Hal Smith Restaurant GroupI've eaten at Mama Roja (and did a review) and Redrock Canyon Grill, but this was my first stop at Hefner Grill.

I was instantly impressed by the restaurant.  It sits right on the lake (as do the other restaurants), and so has really great views. 

I love the huge windows so that diners inside get the same view as those on the patio. There's 2 rows of tables on the patio level, and then a short ramp up to the main dining level.  The great thing about the restaurant is when your'e sitting on the main level, if you're in the row of tables closest to the window, you get those same views.  We were lucky enough to get one of those tables. 

One of the most unique aspects of the restaurant is the ceiling

Yes, those are coffee bean bags!  I've never seen anything like it.  Honestly I'm not even sure what made me look, because I really don't ever check out the ceiling in a restaurant. I think I just happened to look up at one point and it caught my eye.

The inside of the restaurant is pretty big, with a large bar area and a big main dining room.  Plus the outdoor patio seating.  I'm assuming for happy hour the patio is the place to be.   Especially when it's beautiful outside.  During happy hour they have half-priced drink and appetizer specials, which is another big plus. In the bar area there's a piano, and then I noticed the sign

As soon as I saw this I texted Michele and told her we have to do a group trip to OKC

The lunch menu is a good size, but not overwhelming. They've got appetizers, sandwiches, soups & salads, and main plates.  You can also choose your sides or order an additional one. If you order from the main plates selections you can add a salad for an extra charge. We decided to skip appetizers and go straight for the entrees.  As usual, I went back and forth on a couple of items.  With the help of the server, I decided on the grilled bone in pork chop
Mustard & herb crusted, topped with crimini mushroom caper sauce,
garlic mashed potatoes, and seasonal vegetables
The pork chop was amazing.  One bite and I was in heaven.  It was perfectly grilled, and the mustard and herb crust gave it such a great bite.  I don't like capers, but you really couldn't taste them at all. I didn't even notice the capers until I had eaten most of the pork chop.  The sauce was so flavorful.  The vegetables were lightly seasoned and cooked to a perfect tender-crisp.  The mashed potatoes were very good--mostly creamy but with chunks of potato still in there-- but it was a lot of potatoes.  They could have done twice the veggies and half the potato and I would have been happy.  And I never make that kind of request.

I was originally scheduled to have a meeting with another donor at 2PM. But I rescheduled because of my Dallas trip. Good thing, because when I finally looked at my watch, it was 3PM! Yes, our lunch went for almost 2 1/2 hours.  I knew we were talking for a long time, but I had absolutely no idea it was that long.  We talked about OSU football and basketball, OSU history, and solved a few of the world's problems as well.

I will definitely be going back.  Hopefully really soon for one of the jazz & cocktails nights and then dinner on the patio.