The Week that Was - June 1 - 7, 2015

Welcome to post #2 of The Week That Was!  In last week's post I covered a few extra days, since it had been a holiday weekend.

This post is supposed to come out on Mondays.  And that was my plan yesterday, until I ran into some serious blog drama and panic.  I got stuck at the back of the plane Sunday, right next to the exit door, so it was way too loud to sleep. I figured I would be productive and start writing my Vegas review post.  I finished it Sunday night, and published it Monday morning.  All was well. Then after lunch I went in to do something, and somehow I had reverted it back to draft. But not the last draft...the VERY BEGINNING when I only had a few sentences.  Absolutely no idea what happened. It was a really long post, and I knew I would never be able recreate it the same way.  I went back through my browser history, nothing.  I called campus IT, and they couldn’t help me.  I emailed Blogger Help; their response? "If the post was never published there is nothing we can do to recover it for you. I'm sorry I don't have better news for you."

Umm, that’s no help at all, especially considering in my question email I told them it was published. Then I remembered my airplane draft was still on my Surface, and thankfully I had written about 75% of it.

So, the crisis has been averted.  And all is well again.  And thanks to Amy at Planning Playtime, I am now saving and writing all my posts on Google Drive.  That way they’re saved and safe, to prevent any more meltdowns.

Vegas Baby!!
Sunday afternoon I got home from a quick 36-hour trip to Las Vegas.  I did my overall Vegas Review, as well as a couple of restaurant posts:
* #160 - Lobster Me

I had figured I would fall asleep super early Sunday, but I was working on the blog posts and ended up awake until about 1AM.  Even with just a few hours of sleep I was going strong all day Monday. Until about 9PM when Vegas started to win.  I crashed hard, and slept through 2 alarms this morning.  Oh well, it was well worth it.

We’re already working on our next trip.  

National Donut Day
Friday was National Donut Day.  And since I've been more active on Twitter recently I actually saw posts about it ahead of time.  And even though I very rarely ever eat donuts, I had great plans to make sure I one Friday.

We flew to Vegas on Friday morning, and my original plan was to stop at Daylight Donuts on the way to my friends' house, and pick up breakfast for us.  It's a local Oklahoma breakfast place.  Their sausage rolls are by far my favorite thing there, but the donuts are very good as well.  But then I got distracted, was running late, and ran out of time. When we got Wichita airport and got through security, it was like there was a sign from the heavens, as we ran into Dunkin Donuts:

There were lots of donuts to choose from, and I first picked the Oreo cheesecake donut. But of course it wasn't included in the promotion, because it's normally an extra charge. I quickly rallied, and went with the Bavarian creme

It didn't come like that, but I opened the donut so I could get a picture of the creme in the center. But then you really couldn't see it.  That part doesn't matter though, because the donut was so good! Sometimes filled donuts are just overrun with stuff. But this one was perfect. The donut itself was fresh, light, and still a little warm.  I really enjoyed it.

College World Series
Maryland baseball played University of Virginia in the Super Regionals over the weekend.  But before we even get to that, both teams had played in LA the week before.  In what is probably unprecedented, they flew home on the same charter flight! That never would have happened when they were in the same conference.  But now that Maryland is in the Big 10, it’s not as big of a deal. But I’m sure it was still super awkward.

We were able to watch part of their game on Friday at Lagasse’s Stadium in Vegas. Unfortunately they lost 2 games and are now out of the tournament.  But they had a great run, making it to the Super Regionals 2 years in a row.  TCU, on the other hand, is headed to the College World Series that begins in Omaha this weekend!  I’m excited for a couple of reasons.  First, they’re the only Big 12 team still in it.  And second, Reilly went to TCU so I’m a Frogs fan whenever they’re not playing OSU. I think they’re trying to plan a trip to Omaha.  As much as I would love to go, I’m going to have to sit this one out.  That would make 3 straight weekends of funtivities.  I’m too old for that.

Summer on the Plaza
OSU hosts Summer on the Plaza at the Student Union, as a way to open its doors to the Stillwater community, and of course OSU students/faculty/staff.  It's each Thursday from late May through the end of June, on the plaza outside of the Union.  There's a bounce house, water slides, live music, movies, and food.  It's a great way to entertain both kids and adults.  

This is the 4th year for this event.  I had never been before, but started meeting Michele, April and their kids 2 weeks ago.  It's quite entertaining watching all the kids have such a wonderful time.  I tried to get video of Tara's son dancing, but when he caught me, I got "the look", and the dancing was done. Tara said he does that to her too, so I don't feel so bad!

Chase went down the water slide a couple of times, and loved it

I didn't go to the movies, because let's be honest.  The thought of sitting in a movie theater with 200 little kids is more than I can handle.  But the kids seemed to love it, and that is really who it's all for.

Shameless Self Promotion

Last week I was nominated by Michele Meier Vosberg from Life Redesign 101 for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

I’m really honored to be recognized by my online blogger friends.  It’s really quite humbling, considering how many blogs there are out there.  I love that people enjoy reading my page! I was asked to answer 10 questions about myself, and I hope it helps everyone learn a little more about me.

Blogs I Like
The OK Momma (parenting): Kelly is a fellow Oklahoman, and I learned we actually have a couple of mutual friends!  I really like the way she writes.  And I love her tips; even though many are geared towards moms and babies, I've been able to use a few of them myself.  And she posts about some great to-do activities in Oklahoma City!

The Recipe Wench (food/drinks): I have to admit, it's partly because I love the name! But more because she takes gorgeous pictures, and I really like how she posts her recipes. They're very clean and easy to follow

Just Leesha (photography): I love this page because she takes the most amazing pictures. And more importantly, she shares her tips for success.  I don't know that I will ever get to her level, but following her tips will make me a better photographer.  And I need that.

My Favorite Posts
If you love Thai food, then you need to check out Food We Love.  It’s a collection of Crazy Little Family Adventure’s favorite foods from Thailand and Bali.  Not only that, but they include recipes so you can make them at home!  How cool is that.

Poppies & Pinot has a unique take on the weekly roundup.  Her Friday Favorites - The End is Nigh focuses just on her “best of” favorites.  And I absolutely love her toddler fashion.

I try to meal plan for the week.  It doesn’t always work so well, especially when I’m super busy. The OK Momma does it really well with her Meal Plan Friday by. She not only plans her meals for the week, but also plans her grocery list by type of food that she specifically needs for that week.  

If you’re looking for inspiration on home decor, or even if you just want to see some gorgeous pictures, make sure to check out the Home Tour Hop by Our House Now a Home. I would love for my house to look like any of these.  

My Blog
Well, since I had the blog drama yesterday, I will be spending some time each night saving all my posts to Google Drive.  But don’t worry, I’ll make plenty of time for funtivities!

I still haven’t tackled Instagram, but I really need to just take the plunge and sign up. And then I found out the other day that there’s ANOTHER social media site called Stumbler.  I’m holding off on Stumbler for now.  I’ve got enough other ones to try and keep up with.

All the ways to follow me!

The Week Ahead
In years past, my summer was kind of slow.  Not anymore!  I’ve got more funtivities happening this week.  No out-of-town trips, but that’s okay.  I need a little break.  I’m also going to work on catching up with my blog posts since I’m a few behind.  

Enjoy the rest of your week!!!