My Chef's Hat - Parmesan Cilantro Skillet Corn

I have a little room between my kitchen, garage and laundry room with a built-in desk. It's what sold me between this house and another one down the street I was comparing. The houses were exactly the same except for this extra room, and they were the same price. So of course I went with this one.  My goal is always to keep the space clean, but that only lasts a month or so and it becomes a collection spot for mail and anything I can't immediately figure out where it should go.  And then I get overwhelmed when I can't find anything, so I go on a madwoman cleaning spree about every 6 months.  Which is one of the things I did Memorial Day weekend.  In doing so, I came across a whole stack of recipes I had printed out, before I discovered Pinterest.  Recipes I hadn't made in years, or even at all.  So I went online and pinned them all.  The ones I'd made previously, I had not added to the blog.  So my mission is to make all of these so I can write about them.  I came across parmesan cilantro skillet corn, and the recipe is listed as a Meatless Monday option.  I've never done the meatless Monday, and you would have to eat so much of this to really be filling.  So I make it as a side dish.

Cilantro is one of those herbs that you love or you hate.  I really don't even think there's any middle ground with people.  I'm definitely on the love side.  I've tried several times to grow it in my garden.  I've tried from seeds and buying the little plants; I've bought in the spring, and also tried later in the summer/fall.  Every single time I've failed miserably.  I decided to try one last time this spring.  It grew like crazy for about 3 weeks, and then died.  So I'm done. I'll just stick with buying it at the store.  With all the cilantro plants I've killed, I could have bought another 10 bunches at least.  

I also love corn.  I could literally eat it all summer long.  Corn kind of is a summer staple everywhere.  In the winter when it's really hard to find good, fresh corn I'll buy the canned corn.  But lately I've been finding pretty good ears of corn throughout the year. It's not nearly as sweet as in the summer, but it does the trick.

Here is the recipe photo:

And here is my version

This is such a great dish, especially when you can use sweet summer corn.  I always tend to go a little overboard with the cayenne, and also add some paprika. So it's got a definite kick.  But the parmesan helps to tone that down.  A couple times I've added too much parmesan and it's almost chewy.  And not in a good way.  But I've gotten much better about it.  I'll usually under-add, taste, and then add a little more if I think it's needed.

This would be a great dish for a party.  I've never eaten it room temperature, but it would probably hold really well for a cookout or picnic.  I'll have to try that next time our group does that.  But I'll hold back on the heat.  At least a little bit.

Recipe found on Eat. Drink. Smile.