The Week That Was - May 23-31, 2015

I'm always looking for new ideas for my blog.  And I find a lot of those new ideas when reading posts from my fellow bloggers.  That's kind of how I came across my newest addition of weekly blog posts.  It's a way to write about more than just food.  

* Flashback Friday is my trip down memory lane.  I'll cover all kinds of topics that have shaped me into who I am.  The first post was this past Friday, and is about me Becoming a Runner

* The Week That Was is my weekly roundup.  I'll cover funtivities, my favorite bloggers, favorite weekly blog posts, and my journey as a blogger.  I'll probably cover some other topics as well.  So let's get started!

My plan is for the each post to cover 7 days.  But since last weekend was Memorial Day, I figured I would cheat a little and add in a couple more days.

My co-worker Tia got married last Saturday afternoon in Oklahoma City.  The ceremony was at the beautiful Wildewood Christian Church.  The reception was at the main ballroom on the campus of University of Central Oklahoma.  It was a great reception, with fantastic old-school music. 

So many goodies to choose from, and of course I went overboard...
Later that night I met up with Michele and Kelly for an evening of fun in Bricktown.  I met them at Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse (my most recent new restaurant post), and then we went to the Red Piano Bar at the Skirvin Hotel.  

The Skirvin is supposedly haunted.  I've never stayed there, so I just have to go by legend. Most of the NBA teams stay there when they're playing the Thunder, and several of the players have said the same thing. We stayed at the Renaissance a couple doors down.

Sunday night we had a cook-in at Matt & April's, and it even included a pretend birthday party for Kelly's daughter!  Yep, I said pretend.  April's daughter wanted to throw her a pretend party, so that's what we did. Complete with cupcakes and singing.

Monday I didn't do a thing.  Well, I did get up and go work out, but that was the extent of my productivity.  And it was wonderful.

Memorial Day weekend is college lacrosse Final Four.  The men's final four was held at U of Maryland for several years while I worked there.  And it was always an amazingly fun time.  3 days of lacrosse, 3 days of LOTS of funtivities.  It was usually a million degrees outside and I needed a vacation afterwards, but it was well worth it.  The below picture is from 2000 with me and 3 girlfriends.  No clue who the guy is, but he's handsome so who cares...

They usually play the men's and women's games in completely different cities, but this year they combined them, and both were in Philadelphia. Genius idea, since the men play Saturday/Monday and the women play Friday/Sunday.  And it was super exciting for me this year, as Maryland was in the finals of both.  The men unfortunately lost. But the women won their 13th national championship!

I had several funtivities planned this week, but didn't accomplish any of them.  Mainly because Oklahoma State hosted the NCAA baseball regionals this weekend so that's what I did.  I worked in the hospitality tent on Friday, but the rest of the weekend I was strictly a fan. Unfortunately we lost yesterday and are now out of the tournament.  But we had a lot of fun, and made some new friends.  On a plus note, Maryland baseball is still in. They're playing all the way out in LA, so their games aren't until 10PM CST.  It's all I can do to stay awake and watch.  I made it Saturday, but last night I had no chance.

Planning Playtime (parenting). Amy is the administrator of Creative Bloggers Network. Without this network and her hard work, my blog would still be struggling for readers. 

The Gastronom (food & drinks):  I absolutely love their pictures, they review great restaurants, and they are OSU grads.  What more needs to be said?!

UncookieCutter (DIY): April is the reason I've gotten more heavily into blogging.  And she makes really good stuff.  And she's become a great friend.

AA (a little bit of everything):  This blog makes me laugh.  She writes directly from the heart, very much like I try to do.  And she's super honest about everything. Maybe sometimes too honest for some, but not for me.


Thursday was National Burger Day.  I really have no clue how I miss out on such important things!  Long story, but I didn't get to have a burger that day.  So I had to live vicariously through others, and through Its All About the Yummy's post about her Top 5 Burgers.  

I'm so excited for UncookieCutter for teaming up with Jamison from Rogue Engineer for her stacked crate end table project!  The pictures of her projects don't do them enough justice.  They look even more fantastic in person.

I recently came across Weekend Snapshots by Her Heartland Soul.  It's one of the posts that gave me the idea for The Week That Was.  Not only is it really fun to see what everyone else does, I've found lots of new great blogs to follow!  

As I mentioned above, I've joined the Creative Bloggers Network.  And it has been a wealth of information for me.  We do daily shares/linkups to get our posts and blogs more traffic. It varies from our blogs to all the social media sites.  It's sometimes a challenge for me since I have to fit in the daily shares around my real job.  And since it's a large, active group, I've usually got to visit at least 50 pages every day.  But doing this has really helped expand my readership so I can't complain.

I really love following all the blogs.  I get great ideas of things I can do to improve my own blog, and I enjoy following everyone's adventures.  And recipes.  And parenting ups and downs...nope, I'm not a parent, but I still find it really interesting.

I've got all the social media sites covered...except Instagram. I'll eventually get on there, but first I need to work on being more active on the other ones.  And I'm working on that diligently.  

So, there's several ways to follow me other than the blog itself:

I have some great funtivities planned for this week, so make sure to check back next Monday!!