#27 - Bar Umbriago, Chicago, IL

On my last day in Chicago, Cristin and I needed some Sunday brunch.  We had an awesome time hanging out with our Purdue friends the night before, and I became a huge fan of cucumber vodka. 

We had seen Bar Umbriago both of the previous nights, and Cristin had never eaten there before, so we decided to give it a shot.  It's right on the corner, it had a cute little outdoor patio, and looked like a fun place.  We were seated at a window table, and with the beautiful weather they had all the windows open.  I love their pub-height tables, and really need to find one of those for my dining room.

One of the highlights is the make-your-own bloody mary bar and bottomless mimosas.  I'm not a fan of bloody mary's.  I just can't bring myself to drink tomato juice. And both of us had more than enough beverages the night before.  So we decided to stick to the food menu.

I decided to try the veggie benedict.  I'd never had that before, and it looked very tasty. 

I'm not usually a poached egg person, but it was good.  The hollaindaise sauce was really good, and the tomato added a unique flavor that I liked a lot.  The potatoes were absolutely delicious but I had to force myself not to eat them all.  The skin was crispy and the inside was soft and perfectly cooked. 

The server was pushing the pork belly hash, so I went with that as well, figuring it would just be a small side dish.

It was definitely a lot more food than I was expecting.  I loved that it was served in a cast-iron pot!  It was okay, but I probably wouldn't order it again.  The pork belly just didn't do it for me.  And to think I passed up a side of thick-cut bacon for it... 

Neither of us could resist, so we ordered the nutella pancakes to share.  I mean seriously...who can pass up nutella?  I could eat it straight out of the bottle.

OMG these were fantastic!!  We both agreed that we should have skipped the other stuff and just had the pancakes.  The pancakes were a lot lighter than I expected, which was great.  I thought there would be more nutella in them, but then I guess that would totally counteract the lightness of the pancakes.

Would I go back?  Definitely!  There were some other dishes that looked really good, and I think I need to try out the bottomless mimosas.