Repeats with a Twist - Fuzzy's Taco Shop, Stillwater OK

I was SO happy when I heard a Fuzzy's Taco Shop was coming to Stillwater!  And even happier when I found out that one of my students is working there :)  She dropped off an invite for their private opening today, so of course I had to check it out!  Free food...I'm all over it!  I'm sure lots of restaurants do  something like this, but this was the first time I'd been to one.  What a great food for friends/family, and the chance to give your staff on-the-job training at the same time.

It's located on the Strip, and open  until 2:30AM on weekends, which will be perfect for the bar crowd. 

I got there about 1pm, and there was a good-sized line, but that's okay because it gave me the chance to check out the menu.  Me and big menus don't do well together, so I was happy for the time to figure out what I wanted.  I had only been one other time, in the spring when I was in Dallas.  The menu is pretty big, and they serve breakfast tacos and burritos in addition to their lunch/dinner menu items. 

Since the food was free, I decided to get a few different things and check them all out.  I got chips & guacamole, a side of the warm fire-roasted salsa, and one each of the shrimp, veggie, and spicy shredded pork soft tacos.

I think the chips had Old Bay on them, which was a nice surprise.  But it definitely added a kick.  And the chips were warm too, which was a huge plus.  The fire-roasted salsa is good, but pretty spicy.  But I absolutely love that it's served warm.   The guacamole is awesome...I couldn't stop eating it.  And it was a lot of guac too.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  Finally I had to throw away the chips and put away the guac and salsa, so I wouldn't gorge on them.  I'll definitely be having the guac with my dinner tonight. 

I'm not usually a fan of corn tortillas, but these ones tasted fresh, so I was good.  Trying to be good, I only ate 1, and the others just ate the filling.  All of their tacos come with feta, as well as shredded cheese, which was an interesting twist I wasn't expecting.  The veggie tacos were basically only black beans & carrots with a little onion. Again, not what I was expecting, but they were actually pretty tasty.  The shrimp was good, but I would say the spicy shredded pork was my favorite. All of their tacos also come with garlic sauce, which is quite spicy and really good.

The only down side is that I couldn't get a margarita because they don't serve liquor on Sundays in Stillwater.  The margarita I had back in the spring was really good, and strong, and huge for the price.  I'm hoping it's the same here in town.

Will I go back?  Definitely!  The food is good and fresh, and comes out quickly.  I got mine to go, and they gave me 2 containers of the garlic sauce.  I would suggest they only give you one, and if you want another you can ask.