My Chef's Hat - Blackened Salmon with Corn Salsa

At the beginning of September I decided to try the low-carb thing for about 2 months. I'm not cutting them out completely, because I love pasta & potatoes too much, and I would go on a carb-eating binge as soon as it was over. The carbs I'm cutting back on are rice, potatoes, pasta and bread. I'm 2 weeks in and it hasn't been as hard as I originally thought, probably because I didn't cut them completely out.

One of the first recipes I made for this blog was blackened salmon tacos. My first attempt was okay, but I couldn't get the blackening part to work at all. But the recipe itself was great, so I've made it a bunch since then.

When I made the dish last week I knew I couldn't do the tortillas, so I decided to add more tomatoes and avocado to the salsa, used a little larger piece of salmon, and eliminated the cilantro lime ranch dressing.

I think that looks 100% better than my first attempt this summer...

Practice obviously makes perfect. I don't think I was using enough of the spice early on, and once I started following the recipe instructions and seared it in a skillet with Pam instead of grilling, the blackening worked!

Recipe found on Cooking Classy

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