My Chef's Hat - Skinny Tuna Melt

I go through phases with tuna.  Sometimes I'll eat it regularly, other times I'll just walk right past it in the store.  It's also one of those foods that, barring a few exceptions, needs "help" to make it fun to eat.  One of those exceptions is of course the super-fresh tuna steaks.  I've never been a huge fan of those, because most people eat them almost raw, and that's not me.  I will do that if it's in sushi, but if it's a thick tuna steak, no thank you. 

I've decided to give tuna a try again.  It's easy to prepare, light and long as you don't drench it in mayo.  My previous tuna staple was to do a tuna & pasta salad, but that doesn't jive with low-carb.

Pinterest to the rescue, as I found a great recipe for a skinny tuna melt.  I liked the recipe because it allows me to sneak in some extra veggies, but yet maintains the healthy side of things.

Here is the official recipe picture:

And here's my version, with a side salad:

It's really delicious!!  My mom gets this awesome whole grain bread from Costco, and had brought some for me when they visited last month, so I used that.  She also had bought some fake cheese slices, so I used that too, and honestly can't tell the difference between the fake and real when it's all finished.  I probably go a little crazy with the celery and carrots, but I love the crunch and texture they add.  I also use low-fat mayo with olive oil instead of the regular mayo.  The recipe calls to toast the bread and melt the cheese by using a skillet.  But I think it will probably work better in the toaster oven, so I'll do that next time.  The cheese didn't really melt, but I don't know if that's because it's fake or not.

Will I make it again?  Of course!  It's light and healthy, but really filling at the same time. 

Recipe found on Skinny Taste