My Chef's Hat - Tuna Cakes with Fresh Tomato Salsa

So just a couple posts ago I was talking about how I'm trying to eat more tuna.  My favorite canned tuna is the white albacore.  I've read about how eating large amounts of albacore can cause mercury poisoning.  But since I only eat it once a week I figure I'm safe.  I've tried the regular canned tuna, but it doesn't taste as good. 

I really like my recipe for the skinny tuna melt, but didn't want to eat that same thing every week.  On Monday I found a recipe for Tuna Cakes with Fresh Tomato Salsa, and thought it looked and sounded really good.

Here is the official recipe picture:

And here is my version:

What a great recipe!  The cakes are light, but are very flavorful.  I used panko bread crumbs, egg whites, and siraccha sauce instead of the rye crackers, whole egg and jalapeno tabasco.  I'm not sure if that made them a little lighter, but I'm going to convince myself that it did.  Even so, the recipe itself isn't bad.  The worst thing is sauteeing the cakes in olive oil, but I used as little oil as I possibly could. 

The fresh tomato salsa was fantastic.  I only let it sit for about 10 minutes because I was short on time.  But next time I'll make the salsa before I leave for work in the morning, so it can sit for 4 hours before I eat it.   I think that would make it even more intense.

Will I make this again?  No question!  It's a great, light lunch and a good rotation for my tuna recipes.

Recipe found on The Novice Chef