My Chef's Hat - Grilled Corn, Avocado & Tomato Salad with Honey Lime Dressing

I took a picture of my side dish tonight for dinner, ready to post a witty comment and link the photo and blog post onto my Facebook page. And when I looked through my posts, I couldn't find the recipe anywhere. I searched over and over, and nothing.  And then I realized that this is yet ANOTHER recipe that I've made a million times over that I never posted about.  

Grilled corn, avocado & tomato salad with honey lime dressing is one of my favorite dishes.  Especially in the summer, when the corn is so fresh and sweet and the tomatoes are extra juicy.  Last summer I was so excited to be able to use the tomatoes I grew in my garden.  But I don't have any of those yet.  With all the rain we've had the past 2 months my tomatoes are starting to come out much earlier than last year.  So hopefully that means I'll have even more this year!  Of course I found the recipe on Pinterest.  I swear that's where I find almost all of them.

Here is the official recipe photo:

And here is my version

I paired it with BBQ ribs and my mom's baked mac & cheese recipe.  I normally don't do 2 sides because the salad is plenty, but I had made mac & cheese for the Preakness party last night and was craving a little of it.  

This dish has so many wonderful flavors that all work great together. I started adding thinly sliced red onion almost from the start, because it pairs so well with the rest of the ingredients. You might think the honey makes it too sweet, but it really doesn't.  It does add a creaminess to the texture.  I cut the kernels off the cob and sautee them in a pan rather than grilling the whole thing because that takes a while.  And I also have a hard time getting the char on the kernels from the grill.  Probably because I don't get the grill hot enough.  And I have a bad habit of turning the corn too often.  But if I get the grill hot enough to char the corn, then any meat I'm cooking on the grill will burn. Serious struggles here.

Like I said before, this dish screams summer.  It would be fantastic to take to a party. And it would be great for a picnic, because it carries well; there's nothing in the dish that needs to be refrigerated or will go bad any time soon.  I may be making this as a side dish for April & Matt's Memorial Day cookout.  

Recipe found on For the Love of Cooking

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